Make up your Facebook profile, choose from hundreds of profile picture frames

Last year, Facebook added the ability to set temporary profile photos in support of a cause and later made it possible to add other types of frames by visiting pages, like those of sport teams that supported it. Now, the new Facebook profile frames feature lets users modify their profile picture to show support for their favourite teams.

Profile Pic Frames have been introduced to allow users to easily show support for their favourite causes and interests, with various options to choose from. The feature seems to be a response to trends for customising profiles with filters for social media campaigns and sporting events.

The move has been publicised by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg who said that there’s a new way to browse all the available causes, teams and other photo overlays available on the social network. The feature seems to be a response to trends for customising profiles with filters for social media campaigns, films and sporting events all in one place.

Zuckerberg shared a lengthy status update about the use of profile picture frames in the upcoming 2016 ICC World Twenty20 match between India and Pakistan scheduled this Saturday – with “hundreds of thousands” of cricket fans showing support for each other’s teams with the hashtag #ProfilesForPeace.

In a post, Zuckerberg said, “Something pretty interesting is happening in India and Pakistan on Facebook right now [..] Fans around the world are going to and using a profile frame to show support for their favorite teams. But fans from India and Pakistan are doing something different. Hundreds of thousands of Indian cricket fans are putting the Pakistani frame around their picture. And Pakistani fans are doing the same thing — showing support for India. They’re using the hashtag #ProfilesForPeace… When we designed the profile frames feature, we just wanted to help people show support for their favorite teams or a cause they believe in. But this story shows that the more connected we are, the more we realize that what unites us is more important than what divides us.”

The new feature allows you to choose your photo by providing a drop-down of all possible frames across the service for the first time.

Facebook users can visit to browse the available options – from ‘Causes’, including marriage equality, Make A Wish, WWF, and Girl Scouts, to the Six Nations Rugby teams.

While there are options for ‘Films’ (currently showing only Star Wars filters) and ‘Birthday’, most of the current options revolve around a variety of sports – including Premiere League Football, so one can expect to see ample support for the UK’s biggest teams on your timeline.

Once a frame has been added, Facebook users have the option to switch back to their original profile picture in one hour, one day, one week, or never.

According to the Next Web, Facebook is currently partnering with “select pages,” which are able to offer their own frames, but the company plans to release a self-service platform that lets pages upload their own designs for filters in the “coming months.”

If you wish to try out the new feature, you can go to