This drone can hack your smartphones using Wi-Fi while flying above you

Snoopy the flying drone can hack your phone

Now a days flying drones are a regular feature in our skies but what happens when one of these flying drones is actually hacking into our smartphone or laptop unknown to us and stealing vital personal and banking information. This is what a drone named Snoopy can do.

Named ‘Snoopy’, the hacking drone was demonstrated by its creator, Glenn Wilkinson at conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on Wednesday.  The drone targets mobile users with Wi-Fi running on their device, seeking an open connection. Once the drone zeros’ in on such open connection it disguises itself as a recognised network and connects to the victim’s smartphone.

Once connected, Snoopy can steal information such as geo data, passwords and banking information,  or even any photos or files stored on your phone.

“It is relatively simple software used by criminals worldwide – and it highlights an important point that we must make sure devices don’t constantly search for Wi-Fi when it is not necessary or we can’t be certain of what it is we are connecting to, Wilkinson said. “The concerning thing is that it is increasingly the case that every device we carry emits unique signatures – and even pacemakers come with Wi-Fi today, what a bad idea!”

Earlier in August, 2015, David Jordan from Aerial Assault unveiled a similar hacking drone running on Kali Linux at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas.

Like Snoopy, Aerial Assault too was capable of hacking into a victim’s smartphone or laptop using the software tools capable of “penetration testing” in Kali Linux. Aerial Assault is available and retails at $2500.00

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