Addicted to Facebook? This brilliant Chrome extension will help you snap out of it

An awesome Chrome extension will help you fight your Facebook addiction

If you ever found yourself wasting hours down a Facebook, you now have a expert Chrome extension to snap out of it. Facebook with 1 billion users and counting, has become a routine for all of us. In fact, there are many among us who start and end their day on Facebook posting those images and updating the status.

If you feel you’re addicted to Facebook or prone to getting lost in the newsfeed quagmire, then Focusbook is a neat Chrome plug-in that might help.


Focusbook uses straight faced logic to help you beat your addiction with a simple concept. You scale back your Facebooking by setting a specific purpose for each session and sticking to it. If you can stick to the purpose, Focusbook is successful and you are fully de-addicted.

Focusbook also has a built in reminder, which tells you to get off Facebook. Once installed, Focusbook will ask why you want to visit Facebook every time you navigate to the site. Then, using a regular pop-up and descending blue mist, it regularly reminds you that you’re probably already done and it’s time to get back to other things

Though it may not be successful in completely getting you off Facebook, it will surely help you maintain a balance with the real world. Its especially useful for those Facebook binges and distractions at work, however, and will perhaps indicate how much time you spend on the social network.

You can give it a try here.

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