A DIY Arcade Cabinet Made From IKEA Parts

Check out the DIY arcade cabinet from IKEA parts

In this article, we show how you can build an awesome arcade cabinet mostly from IKEA components that are easy to purchase, easy to mod, and designed to fit just about any game system, old or new. A real but light arcade cabinet, the console and the button wires are hidden inside the desk drawer.

According to SIN Tchan, an IKEA Hackers reader in Paris, who built this himself, tells us what is required if you are interested in making it:

– MICKE desk $49.99
– Samsung monitor 24” hdmi with speakers $150
– Arcade stick motherboard $30 (type ”arcade stick pcb” on amazon.com)
– Buttons + joystick (brand Sanwa) $40
– Stainless steel panel $30
– Black stickers $15
– stool $50
– a xbox or playstation system

As seen above, SIN Tchan has left out of the price breakdown for the console, which is also actually very important. So, if you have an old console lying around that is collecting dust, it could be put to great use by putting more life into it. Once you are ready with all the components above, just follow the steps given below:

1. Drill the holes on the stainless steel for the buttons and the stick.

2. Drill 2 rectangles on the work surface to be able to insert the stick and the button.

3. Put the black sticker on the stainless steel panel. Use a lighter directly on the sticker to evacuate the air bubbles if needed.

4. Connect each button and the stick to the PCB (it’s very easy – tutorial on YouTube).

5. Screw the stainless steel panel to the top of the work surface.

6. Screw the two screen holders in metal on the work surface (at 6cm from the back of the desk).

7. Install your console inside the IKEA drawer (for a better airflow, you can also drill some holes on the back/side of the drawer).

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