New ransomware strain can infect your computer without even clicking a link

New ransomware can install without clicking on infected link

One of the specific requirement of keeping yourself safe online is to avoid any suspicious links. Clicking on malicious links is a sure shot invitation to worms, malware, trojans etc. Traditionally, ransomware infections occurred when the victim clicked on a infected link that arrived through an email. However officials are warning a new type of ransomware that can take over your computer without you ever clicking on an infected link.

Ransomware infection normally takes place with human error but this new ransomware doesn’t even need human interaction to take over your computer according to security researchers. Security researchers from Cisco Systems first noticed the unusual strain of virus-like hacker software that exploits computer server vulnerabilities. The researchers said that hackers use such software to target large-scale networks and hold data hostage in exchange for huge ransom.

Cisco Systems researchers note that the the strain– known as Samas or Samsam-was first noticed in the MedStar Health Hospital chain hacking  last month. Most ransomware still requires a human to click a link or open an infected email attachment but Cisco’s report warned that the age of self-propagating ransomware is right around the corner.

Over last year, ransomware has quickly become the number one enemy of security researchers and authorities.  According to reports, last year along there were nearly 2500 reports of ransomware hackings in United States of America costing US businesses more than $24 million.

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