Here’s why you should use Linux operating system on your PCs

The Windows family of Operating System (OS) ever since its launch has ruled computers across the world, and continues to do so till this day. Even though other OS’ (e.g. Mac OS X, Linux) are undoubtedly used, their user base fades in comparison to the number of users (ranging from individuals to enterprises) that use
Windows based PCs as part of their daily workflow.

Linux is still regarded as the OS that mostly “geeks” use. Further, when it comes to servers and mainframe computers, Linux is the dominant OS. Basically, people abstain from using Linux because they consider it’s too complex to work with.

While part of it might hold true, the fact is that Linux has come a long way, and is no longer considered to be complex as it used to be. Actually, there are quite a few reasons why you should be using Linux.

Free and open source

Linux is completely free and open-source, unlike Windows, which is proprietary and needs to be legally purchased in order for you to use it. In other words, you can download Linux and install it on any number of computers as you wish. Also, the open-source nature of Linux allows anyone to make changes to its source code and distribute it.

Performs well on older computers

Linux performs well even on older computers with moderate hardware specifications, as it is known to be exceptionally resource efficient. For instance, if you have an older PC that is struggling to work with the latest Windows version, you can try installing a Linux distro on it. You will be shocked to see the difference.

Lots of distributions available

There are now loads of varied distributions (often called distros or flavors) available for Linux. Thanks to its open-source nature and wide community support.

You can download and use anyone that meets your usage requirements. Some of the -most well-known Linux distros are Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

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Availability of all popular software applications

While it’s true that the availability of software for Linux is less than it is for Windows, there is no need to be worried. Majority of popular software applications (e.g. Web browsers, Image editors, IM clients) are now available for Linux.

Additionally, to run Windows programs on Linux, you can always use the “Wine” compatibility layer software.

Less prone to viruses and other malware

Admit it, Windows based PCs/laptops are worse off with viruses and trojans. Although modern Antivirus programs and the inherent security features of the latest Windows versions help in reducing the data loss that viruses and other types of malware cause, they still exist. The simple reason for the majority of viruses and other malicious programs being written for Windows is its popularity.

On the other hand, malware is all but non-existent for Linux. So if you use Linux, your data is going to be much more secure. That being said, any Operating System is only as secure as its users.

If you consider the above reasons are valid enough, we suggest you ditch your Windows today for Linux. Choose the best distro that suits as Linux comes in all shapes and sizes. You will thank us later on!