Six ways you can reduce your Android smartphone or iPhone data usage

Here is how you can reduce your Android or iPhone data usage with these simple tricks

Just imagine if you are watching an interesting video on YouTube and suddenly you receive a text message text from your phone provider informing that you are nearing the data usage limit for the month. It is very important to keep a tab on the amount of data you are using depending on what kind of mobile phone contract you are on to save yourself from hefty data usage charges.

Given below are easy ways to reduce your data expenditure on both Android smartphone and iPhone.

1. Switch to Wi-Fi wherever possible

You can save yourself from a lot of unnecessary expenditure by checking that you have got the correct log in details for Wi-Fi at work, home and on the tube. It can also help as a customer to login into The Cloud, or remote BT and Sky hotspots wherever you can.

2. Check your settings

You can turn off the unnecessary apps that have access to data by going to your smartphone’s Settings menu.

On an iPhone, open Settings > Mobile Data to see the apps that you have allowed to use data and to toggle them off accordingly.

On Android, open Settings > Data Usage > Open each app you would like to turn off and choose Restrict app background data.

3. Sync your playlists

If you use Apple Music or Spotify to listen to songs, ensure that you sync your playlists to your phone so that you can listen to them offline, which will in turn reduce your bill amount. You can save playlists of Apple Music on your handset by tapping the Cloud icon in the right-hand corner of a playlist and waiting for it to download. On the other hand, users of Spotify playlists just need to click the Available Offline toggle to ‘on’ to save them. However, note that this feature is available only for Spotify Premium subscribers.

4. Disable background app refresh

This works for iPhone users only. Turn off background app refresh by going to Settings > General > and either turn off refresh altogether or go through and choose individual apps that will not only help to cut down on your data usage, but it also has the added advantage of helping to reserve your battery life.

5. Set a data alert

You can check how much data you have used on both Android and iOS handsets. However, if you reset the limit each month to get a full idea of your average use, only then you may find this useful.

On Android, open Settings > Wireless & Networks and select Data Usage to check your amount, and turn Set Mobile data Limit on to notify you whenever you are reaching the data usage limit zone.

On an iPhone, open Settings > Mobile Data and scroll down to the bottom of the menu to hit Reset Statistics. You will need to set separately through the Reminders app for any reminders to reset the stats each month.

6. Turn off data completely

This one is not feasible but giving it anyways. If you have got very limited data left before your cross your data usage limit, then turning it off totally can help.

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