Here are 3 amazing Netflix hacks that definitely need to be real

This 3 Neflix Hack Day even hacks should be implemented right now

On a blog post published on Netflix, the team has decided to show-off some really cool hacks that would definitely bring an upgrade to your viewing experience. The blog post states the following:

“Keeping with our roughly six-month cadence, Netflix recently hosted another fantastic Hack Day event.  As was the case with our past installments, Hack Day is a way for our product development staff to take a break from everyday work to have fun, experiment with new technologies, collaborate with new people, and to generally be creative. This time, we were lucky to have a team of Netflixers emerge to hack together a documentary video of the event.”

Here are 3 amazing Netflix hacks that need to become a reality right away.

Desktop Netflix experience

Called Project Tetris, this allows users to drag, drop, re-position and even remove rows from the Netflix splash page.

Watch Netflix in peace with QuietCast

This neat hack that lets users watch Netflix programming on their large screen. However, the only difference here is that the audio is cast straight to their headphones, either via Chromecast or another mobile device.

Netflix takes on VR

The Netflix engineers have managed to make a hack called Netflix Zone, which is essentially a Netflix UI designed specifically for the HTC Vive. This one is pretty cool since it presents Netflix’s catalog of content in what appears to be an antiquated video store.

Looking at what these Netflix engineers are capable of doing, we believe that it is high time that Netflix introduced some serious upgrades so that all of us can experience a flexible way of viewing a vast library of movies and shows. Netflix, please make this possible.

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