Build This Two-Player Arcade Table from a Raspberry Pi and IKEA Parts

DIY : You can build a nice two-player arcade table using a Raspberry Pi 3 and IKEA parts

If you are a avid gamer and a Raspberry Pi fan, this project is for you. Putting a Raspberry Pi 3 on an affordable IKEA table with a pair of control sticks makes it a super arcade game table.

Element14, the makers of Raspberry Pi have brought out a specially made gaming rig called “PIK3A Gaming Table Mk II,” powered by a Raspberry Pi 3. The new Mk II is a huge improvement over the single player Mk I version which Element14 brought out two years ago, with the first version of Raspberry Pi.  The Mk I had a built-in screen but it was cramped for space and made users uncomfortable sitting for a long period.

As said above the Mk II is a huge improvement in this regard and lets the players sit at the table and game while sitting up straight, and enjoy the game on HDTV or other large screen you already have.

Here’s a video of the project:

Price-wise, a trip to IKEA will do the trick, and since the LACK table is cheap and easy to reconfigure, you can include a shelf for Bluetooth controllers when you don’t want to use the arcade sticks, for magazines or other booklets, or anything else you might want to store while you play.

You can visit the Element14 website for a full DIY tutorial and images.


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