How To Add Video Profile Picture On Facebook

Here Is How To Add Video Profile Picture On Facebook on Android smartphones

Facebook users who owned iPhone already had had the facility to record or upload a video to use as a live profile picture.But, Android smartphone owners had to wait up till now. But now Facebook has updated Facebook for Android, therefore you can also upload live video profile picture and make use of this marvelous opportunity to make your FB page even more magnificent.You can record a live profile picture using the Facebook app, but you’re limited to seven seconds. If you want to go longer, you can upload a video you’ve previously recorded or downloaded that is up to 60 seconds long.

Step 1: Head to Your Profile

Adding a live profile picture is a breeze. Just open up the Facebook app, navigate to your profile, and tap on your profile picture. You’ll see a menu pop up with a few options, including “Take a New Profile Video” and “Upload Video or Photo.”

Tapping on “Take a New Profile Video” opens up the recorder. Just tap on the red circle at the bottom to start the capture. Again, you’ll only have seven seconds of recording to work with.

Step 2: Trim & Adjust Options

On the next screen, you can use the blue brackets to trim your video if necessary. Also, audio from the video is enabled by default, but you can turn it off by tapping on the speaker icon. It is recommended that the sound be turned off.

On the next screen you need to select a thumbnail. You can scroll along the images on the bottom to find the point in the video that you think would work best as a thumbnail. Once you’re done with that, hit “Use” in the top-right corner. Facebook will take a minute to upload your video, but once that’s done your new live profile picture will be there for all to see.

Step 3: Select Video (Upload Only)

Uploading a video from elsewhere is basically the same process. Tap on your profile picture to open the menu, and then select “Upload Video or Photo.” This will take you to your phone’s gallery. Tap on your desired video to enter the editor, crop down if you want, then choose your thumbnail, hit “use” and wait for the video to upload to Facebook.

You can use this feature if you have only Android smartphone to access Facebook. Try this out and let us know how your new Facebook video profile has turned out.

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  1. How do you keep the sound on?? Every time I upload a profile video and select one, it changes the sound from on to off right before I upload it. Of course it’s not available on computers yet or I would have tried that. Thanks!


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