Leaked video shows police using third degree torture during interrogation

We all knew that police from almost all countries used third degree torture to interrogate suspects but this may be the first time a actual video of such an interrogation has been leaked. The horrifying video which has been leaked, shows police officers using a plastic bag to choke a suspect during a torturous interrogation.

The clip which went viral, was leaked by an anonymous person in Mexico, shows a group of law enforcement officers using the bag as a means of interrogating the man. The police are seen in the video torturing a convicted killer Silverio Rodriguez Martinez, who shot three men, killing two of them.

In the video, Martinez can be seen sitting in a chair, surrounded by police officers, with his shirt unbuttoned. A policeman then grabs a plastic bag while two of his colleagues hold the inmate firmly in place.  The police officer then puts it over the struggling inmate’s head while another colleague holds up a camera to record everything.

One of the policemen appears to start a stopwatch on his phone just as the bag is being put on Martinez’s head, in what looks like routine procedure for the authorities.

The video was leaked to local newspaper Proceso, as Mexican authorities revealed an investigation was under way. Proceso reported that the exact location of the video and the date when it was recorded have not been revealed.