Developer hacks Apple Watch to run Windows 95!

Here we thought that Android was the only mobile OS right now that could support several different ROMs. However, it turns out that Apple Watch can also run a different operating system, and that is Microsoft’s ancient Windows 95. Thanks to developer Nick Lee, he actually managed to get a fully functional version of Microsoft’s classic OS to run on Apple’s first ever wearable.

Despite the fact that running Microsoft Windows 95 is heavily broken on Apple Watch, this is possibly the first time that a developer managed to get a different OS to run on the wearable. The long story short is that if you watch the video below, Lee can actually go through the Windows 95 Start Menu and load a program but that is pretty much it due to limitations of the OS.

Lee explains that he was able to figure out how to hack together a way for an Apple Watch app to load his custom code, which ended up bypassing through Apple’s software safeguards. Because of the latest hardware present in Apple Watch, it is able to deliver more computing power compared to the machines and components that were being produced and used during the 90s era.

However, it is still an ordeal for the developer to run Windows 95 on Apple Watch because it takes a whole 60 minutes for the OS to boot up on the smartwatch. Regardless, if you wanted to see firsthand that an Apple product is able to run a different operating system, then here is your golden chance to do so.



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