Try out Alexa’s Echo first-hand in your browser before buying it

You can test Amazon’s Alexa voice service before you decide on buying it

Amazon’s smart home offering, ‘Echo’ has been a super-duper hit with 3 million plus units sold. In fact Echo has create a whole new niche for smart homes and Google and Apple are planning to join it soon. Google has already unveiled its own Google Home while Apple is launching a API to take on Amazon’s Echo.

If you are planning to buy Amazon’s Echo to test out the new smart home concept, you need to shell out $200 for the product. Now you can try it out before deciding on buying it.

Amazon has launched a website to provide you with that benefit. It will allow you to experience the Alexa voice service for free via your browser. Just go to and log in with your Amazon account. After that you’ll just press and hold on the microphone button to find out what Alexa is capable of.

The idea is similar to developer Sam Machin’s idea who premiered it at the Hackathon in 2015. The new Amazon website ( is identical to the project and showcases the functionality of Alexa in the background of 3D Javascript animations.

Thanks to this development, you can now test Alexa’s skills without owning an Alexa-enabled device first. You also get a better understanding regarding the working of Amazon ‘Echo’ and can whether you should invest $200 in a new Amazon Echo.

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