Here Are 11 best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives For TeamViewer – 2018

Ever since TeamViewer got hacked, security experts are warning users to ditch it and look for a different remote desktop software alternative or face problems. The reason is that TeamViewer is being used as a vector of attack. This has happened on other sites where they had no critical information and within 48 hours everyone’s logged in sessions were logged out, an email went around saying you had to click the link in the email (to verify ownership) and set up two-factor auth as they knew they were being targeted. TeamViewer must know they are being targeted, and the stakes are high as the software allows complete access to a trusted machine – it’s basically a master key – and there hasn’t been a single response with teeth from TeamViewer.

However, TeamViewer developers say that the fault lies with the users. Therefore it would be wise to search for alternatives to TeamViewer which we give here.

Remote Desktop Access is a great way to manage the files on your desktop as well as any other possible location, and also to help your associates with troubleshooting their problems remotely. In other words, remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows the user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local.

Also, remote desktops are an excellent way to expedite the deployments for developers. Remote desktop applications are used to remotely configure data centers and are the standard in industrial applications.

While the advantages to remote desktop are too good to be overlooked, the right tools are needed to connect with your friends and family safe and secured. One of the most common and widely used Remote Desktop software is ‘TeamViewer’ and we will be looking at a few alternatives that better this tool.

Why the need for TeamViewer Alternative?

While TeamViewer is a useful tool for getting started on remote desktop, it doesn’t provide the simplicity and dependability expected from such a tool. Security is one primary concern that causes many users to flock away from TeamViewer, if not properly configured. If the average user doesn’t configure the settings on this tool correctly, your system is directly put at risk.

Although the personal license version is for free, TeamViewer charges a heavy fee for the business version. Even though TeamViewer features many useful functionalities like file transfers, collaborations, and mobile access, there are better TeamViewer alternatives should you decide to do away with it.

Top 5 Best Teamviewer Alternatives: 5 Best Remote Desktop Software

Here are the 11 best TeamViewer alternatives that you can look for your remote desktop activities.

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a free feature built into the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Ultimate and Business versions that gives fast and complete access control over a remote PC. Supported by Windows and Mac OS X, the tool is simple, easy-to-use and easy to set up that makes this tool a great fit for beginners and amateurs, beginning out on Remote desktop application. This setting can be accessed from the computer’s System settings, found in the control panel. The router of the remote PC needs to be routed on the port 3389 to direct it to your PC. However, this tool is not capable of controlling multiple PC control at a time.

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2. DWService

DWService-best teamviewer alternatives

DWService is a free of charge multi platform support solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry) that allows users to remotely connect to end-user systems from their computer or mobile device with any browser. It provides instant, secure, and trouble-free connections utilizing the latest industry standards and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for our users. You can connect to any computer both inside any outside your local network. It traverses major web proxies and firewalls and shielded with industry standard security.

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3. Best Remote Desktop Software Alternatives For TeamViewer

Developed by LogMeIn, is a premium online conferencing and meeting tool that allows multiple people from multiple locations connect with each other at the same time, which is supported by Windows and Mac OS X. offers unlimited audio, which means that anyone can join a call from any device, whether that is internet calling (VoIP) or phone lines. It also offers recording, one-click meeting scheduling, and phone numbers in 40 different countries to facilitate worldwide conferencing. The paid versions offers up to 250 participants to join the meeting and a presenter swap lets people share their views across the attendees

While the service is free for basic VoIP, it is $15/mo for Pro plan and $19/mo for Enterprise plans with premium meetings and advanced management.

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4. Splashtop

Splashtop- best teamviewer alternatives

Splashtop offers free and paid remote desktop solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Splashtop is easy to use once you get past the difficulties with installation. Supported by Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS, Splashtop remote PC access software offers fast connections and multiple levels of security. You can use the tool for Free if you are using it for personal purposes on up to 5 computers. Setting up the tool on your Windows or Mac and accessing remotely over your Android or iOS based mobile phone is what Splashtop achieves pretty enormously. There is minimum latency on audio and video streaming, so that makes it easier for you to even enjoy your media remotely.

It is free for 6 months, after that $1.99/month (Individual use) and $60/year per user for businesses.

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5. Real VNC

Real VNC- best teamviewer alternative

RealVNC provides both free and paid versions of the Remote Desktop Client. The software consists of a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely. Somewhat more complicated that setting up TeamViewer, RealVNC offers the dependability and features like cross-platform remote control, VNC authentication, encryption, file transfer, collaboration tools and chat, to ensure that your remote connection bodes well for the person on the other end of it. The cross-platform utility allows you to connect individually to a remote computer or also connect multiple PC’s behind a public IP Address.

The supported platforms for this software are Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi. The software is free for private use, while it is $30 per desktop for Personal Commercial Use and $44 per desktop for Enterprise Use.

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6. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy-Admin- best teamviewer alternative

Ammyy Admin is free of charge, fast and easy way to gain remote sharing and remote desktop control solution for both individuals and businesses alike. Unlike heavy remote desktop software, the tool comes in as a tiny application under 1MB. In addition to remotely connecting to the other system, you can also perform actions like file transfers and live chat. Supported by Windows, secure connection and easy to manage software makes Ammyy Adminn one of the most preferred free remote desktop clients.

While it is free for non-commercial uses, the Starter, Premium and Corporate licensed tools are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

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7. Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC- best teamviewer alternative

UltraVNC is a free tool based on the VNC technology that is developed for systems based on Windows to remotely access other systems. It offers a simple setup process that gets you connected in a matter of minutes. Once the connection is established, you can completely work on another remote system. This tool also allows file transfer that makes it a useful little free tool for quickly establishing a remote connection and getting your work done.

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8. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro - best teamviewer alternative- remote desktop

LogMeIn offers one of the best remote desktop solutions for Windows and Mac OS X for individuals and businesses. Even though the free version of LogMeIn was discontinued recently, that doesn’t keep it from being listed as one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer. In spite of this, LogMeIn still serves as one of the best premium alternatives to TeamViewer with many key features like file transfer, audio and video streaming, full-remote access to transfer files, print documents to a local printer and share documents with collaborators. Although priced somewhat less than the TeamViewer app, LogMeIn offers features that are non-existent in many remote desktop applications of its kind.

It is $99/year for individuals (Access up to 2 computers), $249/year for small businesses with 5 computers and $449/year for Businesses with 10 computers.

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9. WebEx Free

WebEx Free- best teamviewer alternative- remote desktop

Cisco’s WebEx free and premium tool allows you to remotely connect with people based on different systems through the free mobile or desktop applications. These remote desktop setups although have to be an attended one on the other side. The one hosting the meeting could share his desktop and choose to pass over the control of mouse and keyboard to other presenters. Sharing files, chat and face-to-face live interaction, scheduling in Outlook, Password protected messages are also capable with this tool. Supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Mobile Apps, Cisco’s WebEx would be a great fit for your needs if you are looking for a premium business solution or just for remotely accessing a desktop with added bit of interaction to it.

While it is free for 3 People, paid plans include Premium 8 ($24 per month for up to eight attendees), Premium 25 ($49 per month for up to 25 attendees) and Premium 100 ($89 per month for up to 100 attendees.)

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10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop best teamviewer alternative- remote desktop

This free tool is available as an extension for Google Chrome browser, accessible on any operating system running it and is fully secured. Setting up is simple and the add-on costs nothing in addition to providing an easy-to-use setup for getting your remote desktop connected. The add-on lets users remotely access any desktop and its contents right from their browser.

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11. Supremo

Supremo- best teamviewer alternative- remote desktop

Supremo offers free and paid plans to remote control PCs/servers and host Meetings. It allows multiple connections just through the exchange of ID and password and can be set-up for unattended access. No configuration of router or firewalls make it a great solution to provide assistance rapidly, even from iOS and Android devices. Supremo is a secure app, thanks to TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol, and can be customized with your brand/logo.

Free for personal use, it provides a very flexible and affordable commercial offer. Users can choose between Business and Solo plans, depending on the number of simultaneous sessions. Both can be billed Annually or Quarterly, starting from 8€/mo for unlimited installs on unlimited number of devices.

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  1. Download Supremo from Apple App Store
  2. Download Supremo from Google Play Store


    • The only info I have found is users that are not very smart and use the same username and password for everything they do on the internet

      You should have an option to edit post’s on this site.

  1. For access to Windows, I am not so sure about Ammyy. It got hacked a couple of months ago, not just Teamviewer. Let’s not forget that. A couple of others come to mind which are very easy to use. I was using Ammyy to access my home Windows PC and switched to NoMachine, ( Anydesk, ( is another one which I’ve tried and seems ok.

  2. The logmein pricing that the author is quoting is very old. Logmein now charges $249 for just 2 computers where as in the past the cost was around $200 for 5 computers. Although I like the product because of its security features, I am looking at other products since its gotten so expensive.

    • LogMeIn seems to go nuts – they x2 their prices annually. Last update is $599 for 5 PCs. I love their product, but the management seems to forget they’re not alone on the market.

  3. You may want to try Radmin
    It’s real TeamViewer alternative in case you want to buy paid version it will be 10 times cheaper. Taking into account the latest news regarding successful hackers attack Radmin is the best choice for me. Fast, and most importantly safe program for remote computer management. Benefits for me – high speed, reliable security system,

  4. Sorry but your number 1 Windows remote Desktop Connection shows the amateurish level of this post. If you actually recommend opening your desktop directly to the internet using a standard port instead of Team Viewer you should be barred from posting ANYTHING technical. RDP is THE most insecure way to access your desktop remotely. You give no warnings of password security of pitfalls to any of these options. To suggest for someone to open the RDP port on your Firewall using standard default port and no warnings of just how easy it is to exploit any of these is just crazy.

    It seems all you did was Google Team Viewer alternatives and posted with no regard to security or knowledge of the applications you suggested.

    Please don’t lead people down a path you don’t have a map for. Stick to your lane, whatever that is.

  5. Take a look at (user: beta pass: beta). There’s a zero-config free software like teamviewer for download and a second app that appears to be a universal P2P. I used the second one together with uvnc. 100% success. You can connect directly to hosts into a remote network. Configure the IP of the remote host with uvnc server installed (the real local IP on the remote macine, port 5800) than connect with vncviewer on localhost:5800. It works like a charm!

  6. R-HUB remote support servers is a very good alternative to teamviewer. It provides a simple and easy to use interface with a robust, secure and fast support to customers or employees or clients no matter where they are. You can solve problems on first contact and with reduced costs.

  7. You may consider on-premise solution such as R-HUB secure remote support server as TeamViewer alternative. It supports PC, Mac and mobile devices with access to unlimited users.


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