Facebook rolls out suicide-prevention tools globally

Facebook has rolled out its support tool for suicide prevention globally. Next time you see your friend posting a really sad post, you can flag that post anonymously as potentially suicidal.

Many sad and lovelorn souls turn to Facebook to vent their feelings and get help. In most cases, posts from such people cannot be brought to the notice of proper authorities for the fear of revealing identity. Facebook’s suicide prevention tool will let all users around the globe report such cases anonymously.

Facebook’s tool works like a regular button. When you come across a post that seeps of sadness and looks potential suicidal, you can tag the post to Facebook which will reach out to that friend and offer a helpline or supporting materials to guide them through their difficult time.

Readers may note that Facebook had unveiled this tool last year and was testing it in some English speaking countries. The tests are now over and the tool is being rolled out globally. Facebook said that it has set up a team to monitor such suicidal posts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So next time you see a really sad post, you know whom to tag!



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