Linus Torvalds Announces Second Linux Kernel 4.7 Release Candidate

Linus Torvalds makes Linux 4.7-rc2 available for download and public testing

Linus Torvalds has just announced the general availability of the second Release Candidate build of the forthcoming Linux 4.7 kernel.

As announced by Linus Torvalds last month, Linux kernel 4.7 is currently in development. Every other Sunday, it will get around seven or eight RC (Release Candidate) milestones until it hits stable, which should happen sometime in the second or third week of July. However, until then, there’s a lot of work to be done.

“Things are looking fairly normal, and there are fixes all over, with drivers and architecture code leading the charge as usual, but there’s stuff spread out all over the place, including filesystems, networking, mm, library helpers, etc etc,” Torvalds wrote.

It appears that some things have remained unsolved in this second RC version of the Linux 4.7 kernel, such as a regression with the NFS filesystem, which will be fixed in next week’s RC. “There’s still a known nfs regression pending, but nobody outside of some explicit stress-testing seems to have noticed, so I made a rc2 release despite knowing of the problem,” said Torvalds.

The second RC build of the forthcoming Linux 4.7 kernel is now ready for testing to the public. So, if you are one of those dedicated geeks who wants to test the latest development (read: unstable) go ahead and  download the Linux kernel 4.7 RC2 sources from the website.

It is also worth reminding our readers that since this is a pre-release version; do not install it over the stable Linux kernel packages of your GNU/Linux operating system. The next release candidate will be available on 12th June, 2016.

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