How to listen to, and delete your Google Now voice history

How to view and get rid of your unwanted Google Now voice history

Google has been storing personal data of its users on a website since June 2015, where only users can go and access their own details. The feature functions somewhat like a digital diary, YouTube history, storing web searches, and not to forget, also Google Voice Search history.

In other words, every time you do a voice search, Google records it. The problem with Voice Search is that even from a long distance, the system is able to catch words “Ok Google” (or words that sound like ‘Ok Google’). Inadvertently activating voice-powered AI, from Google to Siri to Alexa, is unavoidable.

However, as Google stores that information and makes it available to users, it’s cool to see just how many conversations stored on the system were recorded unintentionally. This is particularly true for Android users, who have their phone on them all the time.

There are several reasons that Google likely stores these exchanges such as to allow users to access their voice searches as well as learn from this recorded natural language to enhance the service.

If you have total control over your stored search history here, then you can listen to it yourself or delete undesirable recordings as you wish.

There is likely to be loads of information to check about you considering that this search history feature has been around for a year.

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