In a first, Microsoft employees party after COO, Kevin Turner’s resignation

Microsoft Employees Celebrate the Departure of COO Kevin Turner

Normally when a top official of the company has to leave, he is departed with a somber farewell but it seeks Kevin Turner’s departure brought unseemly happiness to Microsoft employees. This was seen when Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner announced his departure from the company last week, leaving the software giant after 11 years to become the CEO of Citadel Security. As soon as he announced his decision to quit, it turns out to be a joyous occasion for the employees who were very happy with this decision.

According to Microsoft insiders, Kevin Turner was hardly a people person by the Microsofties. Whatever respect and love he had among the staff became obvious after he confirmed he was leaving the company.

Employees using anonymous messaging app Blind were spreading congratulatory messages after finding out that Turner steps down as Microsoft COO, Business Insider reports, with 60 percent of them believing that he actually got fired, and only 40 percent claiming he voluntarily leaves the firm.

Here are three of the messages that Microsoft employees posted after learning that Kevin Turner is leaving the company:

“Fantastic news!!!!!”
“Yeeeeeeeeess!!!! Best 4th of July gift ever!!!!!”

Some employees think Kevin’s departure is a  part of larger Microsoft plan to lay off staff, “Last time a guy of that level left, we had massive layoffs (Nokia). Are we seeing a pattern? Has the field underperformed last year and he is taking the fall for it with more to come?” one Microsoft employee explained.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella hasn’t offered any hints that Kevin Turner was fired from the company, and in the official statement announcing his departure, the COO was actually praised for his performance during the 11 years he spent within the firm.

“Kevin has made a tremendous impact at Microsoft over the past 11 years. He built the sales force into the strategic asset it is today with incredible talent,” Nadella stated, explaining that he actually learned a lot from Kevin Turner during his tenure at Microsoft.

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