This guy hacked the ‘Pokémon GO’ code to get a rare Pokémon that isn’t available yet

Watch this guy hacked Pokémon Go code to get rarest Pokémon which aren’t supposed to be in the game yet

If you are a Pokémon Go player, you probably know all about the Mewtwo. Mewtwo happens to be a rare Pokemon that Niantic and Nintendo have not yet released in the Pokémon Go so far. But Mewtwo exists in the Pokémon Go code so what YouTuber FrozenAquaCat did was to hack the Pokémon Go code and see the rare Mewtwo Pokemon.

FrozenAquaCat also modified  the Pokémon Go code to make the most common Pokemon called Rattata become something quite rare called Ditto.

In two different videos posted online, FrozenAquaCat shows the power of hacking Pokémon Go codes.

He does this by running the game on a PC rather than a smartphone, faking his GPS location to make the game think he’s walking around. If you intend to follow FrozenAquaCat, you will find plenty of hacking guides for doing this but remember you’ll get banned from the game permanently.

Business Insider notes an oddity in the video posted by FrozenAquaCat. Every Pokémon has an identification number associated with it: Ditto is #132, Pikachu is #025, and Zapdos is #145.

In the video, however, FrozenAquaCat enters in the code “143,” which causes a Zapdos to spawn. #143 is actually the identification number for Snorlax, so we should take these two videos with a pinch of salt.

In case you don’t like hacking, wait for Nintendo to release all the Pokemon’s into the Pokémon Go arena.



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