Kickass Torrents has removed more than 1 million torrents

Kickass Torrents removes 1 million torrents to comply with takedown requests

The go to portal for torrent lovers, KickassTorrents or has been removing torrents from its website at breakneck speed to comply with takedown request from right holders. According to a report on Torrent Freak, Kickass Torrents has so far removed more than 1 million torrents from its website during past year.

At the moment, Kickass Torrents is the 2nd most popular torrents website after The Pirate Bay. Registered users add hundreds of torrents every day. At least half of these torrents contain pirated files, much to the frustration of copyright holders. However, unlike other torrents websites, Kickass accepts DMCA takedown notices and complies with it if the rightholder can prove his/her ownership.

According to KAT’s official figures, 15,794 torrent files were deleted over the past week, and 55,238 for the most recent month. This means that at the current rate, the site removes more than half a million torrents per year.


TF says that Kickass admin has purged 1,200,313 torrents from its website up until now. With such enormous amount of removals, the torrent lovers are left to come up with ingenious idea to ‘revive‘ their removed torrents. Here is one of them :

Torrent revived?
 The KAT forums are littered with dedicated threads where people discuss alternative means to access removed content. One of the best known methods used by torrent community is by generating a magnet link from the torrent’s hash.

So next time you dont see a popular torrent on Kickass website, it may have been DMCA’d!


  1. KAT’s usefulnesswas getting drastically reduced (at least as a piracy portal) because of all of the removals. Yet that still wasn’t enough for the MPAA, they were not satisfied that they could easily get anything they didn’t like removed (whether they had a right to do so or not); they still took the whole site down, including everything that was none of their business or even illegal.

    The stereotype of greedy, lazy Americans is alive an well.


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