Pokemon Go hack; Reveal all Pokemon with this awesome hack

You can now find out all the Pokemon around the world with this Pokemon Go hack

If you are facing a problem, Reddit is the place to be. You can always count on fellow Redditors to help you with hacks, cheats and workaround and Pokemon Go is no different. As soon as Pokemon go went live, there were at least two threats giving fellow Redditors hints and cheats.  One such thread is /r/PokemonGoDEV with countless tutorials to make most of Pokemon Go game. Most of them centered around Python scripts, the favorite language of reverse engineers around the globe.

One such Redditor has reversed engineered the Pokemon Go App with Python script to reveal the inner workings of the game.

The Redditor didn’t actually hack Niantic’s servers, but simply reverse-engineered the HTTPS requests the app receives from the game’s servers. By constantly probing around with parameters in the server requests, some users discovered a way to reveal spawn points and use them to create maps of nearby Pokemon and other game items.

Once such tutorial is called how to create your own Google Map with all the nearby Pokemon. Redditors also have made standalone Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop apps and CLI tools to harvest data about Pokemon spawn points. Niantic sent a cease and desist letter to Reddit for pulling down a Web-based app.

Now the Redditors have come together to create a worldwide map of all Pokemon currently available around the world. You can see the worldwide map below. Remember, hacking Pokemon Go is illegal and Niantic may ban you permanently.


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