Angry gamers are reportedly getting refunds on No Man’s Sky regardless of playtime

No Man’s Sky: People are getting refunds regardless of time played

It turns out that the fan disappointment about the newly released video game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is equally big as the hype and curiosity it created at the time of launch. Thousands of buyers of the No Man’s Sky game are upset because they were made to believe that the game and its systems would be extensive, a promise it could never live up to.

Launched on August 9, 2016 amid great fanfare on both the Playstation 4 console and PCs, the game received a lukewarm reception, as the incredibly hyped space exploration game debuted with game-breaking bugs. It also did not include important features promised by Hello Games, the independent development studio behind the game.

While Hello Games has since released patches to fix the instability, there are still some users who are so dissatisfied with false advertising and empty promises that discussion threads have started coming up with advice on getting a refund for the $60 title.

According to posts on Reddit and NeoGAF, many of the companies have given in to the request for refund. It’s been reported that an increasing number of users have managed to get refunds for their purchase of No Man’s Sky, irrespective of the number of hours played, which is quite surprising.

The refunds are reportedly coming from Sony, Steam, Amazon, GOG, PSN and Humble Bundle outside of their normal refund policies. This means that even if you’ve played many hours of No Man’s Sky, you could still potentially get a refund.

For instance, one NeoGAF poster claims to have received a refund despite playing more than 50 hours of the game. He claims to have requested a refund after complaining several times to Sony, regarding many technical issues with the title.

While many players are delighted for getting a refund, some online users find it unfair. Shahid Kamal Ahmad, a former employee of Sony, has argued that if you seek a “refund after playing a game for 50 hours you’re a thief.”

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, recently said that their “No Man’s Sky” update will include features to the game. The studio also announced that it was discovering ways to change No Man’s Sky’s experience on the PlayStation 4 Neo.

Source: NeoGAF

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