Elephone U-Disk is a most secured pendrive with a fingerprint reader

Elephone U-Disk Is A Secure USB Flash Drive With Fingerprint Sensor

Elephone, a leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer has decided to expand its product line-up by introducing a new product – a fingerprint encryption U-Disk that will be released soon.

Called the Elephone U-Disk, it is a normal USB stick that comes with a full-sized fingerprint reader on the body of the device, which cannot be opened until fingerprint is used to unlock it. In other words, nobody can access the data contained inside of the memory stick without the correct identification of the user’s finger. Thanks to the sensor integrated fingerprint.

In terms of its storage, it has been divided into two parts such as public and private section. While the public section can be accessed by anyone and wouldn’t require a fingerprint scan in order to read, add or remove data, on the other hand, the private section would be encrypted end-to-end that requires the owner’s fingerprint in order to read, add or remove encrypted data. Elephone also promises fast and accurate fingerprint reading.

The body of the U-Disk will apparently be quite solid and made of chrysalis full metal jacket. The encryption system using fingerprint supports the major operating systems, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.

For more information, please check: https://www.elephone.hk/

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