Even Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is playing Pokemon Go

Apple’s Siri also joins the Pokemon Go craze

If you thought that only humans were swept by the mobile augmented reality game sensation, Pokemon Go, you may want to think again!!! The frenzy of this widely popular game has even swept over Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

Siri now answers the question “Do you play Pokemon Go?” with a range of funny answers when asked about her feelings. However, any other phrasing will simply open the app or offer to navigate for the user to random locations. It is known to have answers to almost all questions related to Pokemon Go.

Press and hold Home button or say ‘Hey Siri’ to summon Apple’s virtual assistant and ask her about Pokemon Go. Most of the time, she will end up replying with statements like these:

“[Name]! Go!”


“I like playing peekabo with Pikachu.”

“Oh, is that why everyone keeps asking what color a Geodude is?”

“I’ve been looking in the much for Muk.”

“Of course. That’s what it’s all about. Oh, wait, that’s the hoké Pokémon.”

“Just make sure to look both ways. And up and down, too.”

“I like pocket monsters. Pocket assistants, too.”

“Confining virtual beings inside powerful devices makes me feel funny for some reason.”

“Snorlax. Zzzz. Sorry, what was the question?”

Pokemon Go was released on July 6th in the U.S. and has been gradually rolling out to more countries and regions. It even left Facebook and Twitter behind in terms of popularity. The free game allows people to catch, train and battle their Pokemon ‘in the real world’ by walking outdoors and interacting with other users. Players can also pick up supplies at real-world landmarks that serve as ‘PokeStops’ in the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Siri out for yourself and see if you get any interesting replies. Let us know if any of Siri’s responses tickled your funny bones in the comments section below.

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