ringID, The App That Lets You Connect, Even With Low Bandwidth

The App that lets you make free calls, video calls, send free messages and just about everything even with low bandwidth

Rest assured knowing your money shot from the Rio Olympics uploaded despite not enough of a signal or an overwhelmed network with ringID

If only we could all be at the Olympics, cheering on our teams to victory throughout the Games, but there just isn’t room enough for one and all. While many of us will be showing our support by tuning into the live broadcasts, a fair few will be in Rio with the action and, of course, sharing their experiences across every social media platform available. Or at least, trying to get a signal or force their way through the congested Wi-Fi servers to update their profiles – assuming they can get Wi-Fi in Olympic park with all the mishaps.


To think, being in the thick of the excitement (and chaos) and wanting to share the memorable moments with loved ones back home (or just to check in and make sure they know you are safe). Have you checked to see if your provider covers that territory? Even the most prepared traveler can’t predict when the servers will be overwhelmed with traffic. Is it so much to ask for some tech that can have it all, and give me the piece of mind that my updates are being liked, viewed, and shared accordingly?


One woman working on such a solution, is Ayrin Islam, CEO and Founder of ringID. Ayrin’s vision of the app is to provide ‘one social app to rule them all.’ ringID, the all-in-one app combining the most used features from social networks, provides all the features you could want, including HD quality video calling using low bandwidth. Translation? When the network is flooded from everyone uploading their pictures and videos, or your carrier doesn’t have the best service in that area, and everything is moving super slow, ringID will let you keep your friends and family in the loop.


With over 1 million users and counting, ringID provides a variety of features to ensure the most all-inclusive social experience. Secret chats secure the privacy of your messages by allowing you to set an expiration date on the content; creative texting allows you to liven up your conversations with free word art and stickers; VoIP calling let’s you talk old school for free against a crisp and clear background. Send a message to the wrong person (or just have sender’s remorse)? ringID conveniently lets you take it back with their message retrieval feature.

“We wanted to give users one app to use with everyone, from family to colleagues,” said ringID CEO and Co-Founder, Ayrin Islam. “ringID is meant to do it all, so you don’t need to flip from one app to the next. Users have a single platform for their social communications and media, that they can access and utilize in nearly any location in the world with even the most basic level of Internet connectivity.”

There are an exorbitant amount of ways to stay ‘plugged in’ and even more developing. For the average person, the digital era means being connected and within reach at all times. It’s up to the users to equip themselves with the best tech so they always have the ability to filter, edit, and share that perfect pic of the winners on the podium in Rio.

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