Samsung Galaxy S7 falls into the lake, survives for two hours underwater and still works

Samsung Galaxy S7 continues to work in spite of being submerged in lake water for two hours

Earlier this year, the South Korean electronics giant, Samsung launched its flagship smartphones, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with water-resistant capabilities, a feature that was missing from its previous devices. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge boasts an IP68 rating, which means that its capable of withstanding submersion underwater up to depths of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes at a time without any damage and still work. IP68 certification is a really useful feature on any smartphone, since it means that the device could be used for clicking pictures or recording videos underwater.

Further, to check the smartphone’s water-resistant capabilities, a YouTuber Max Lee had posted a video in which he threw his new Galaxy S7 into an LG washing machine with only a phone case to protect it. Surprisingly, the Galaxy S7 survived without any noticeable damage.

Now, a Redditor with the user handle ‘aznprd’ accidentally tested just how long her Galaxy S7 unit could survive underwater, according to SamMobile. The user shared some of the images of his sister’s Galaxy S7, which fell into a lake near Minneapolis in the US while canoeing. While it took two hours to find the smartphone, the fact that the Galaxy S7 was working perfectly fine was surprising.

Citing another instance, another Reddit user said on the thread that they lost a Galaxy S7 unit in a river and recovered the device downstream, and it still worked.

However, on the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active was criticised after it failed its water-resistant tests conducted by Consumer Reports in spite of having an IP68 certification. The Galaxy S7 Active is the rugged version of the Galaxy S7 with a more durable case.

Later, Samsung released a statement that it had identified and fixed the problem on the manufacturing line of S7 Active, as those were just a few faulty units. The South Korean giant supports the certification behind its units and would replace any units that are damaged by water.

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