The ultimate Pokemon Go infographic

All that you should know about Pokemon Go in a simple infographic

Ever since Nintendo and Niantic released their augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go, the world has been divided into two groups – those who play and love the game and those who hate the game and think it is a waste of time.

Created by augmented reality specialist Niantic Inc, the developer behind Google’s experimental AR game Ingress, it’s a massive-multiplayer, location-based spin-off from the role-playing fantasy series. The ease of playing Pokemon Go has meant that it became the game of the decade for Nintendo and quickly jumped to the top slot on Google Play Store as well as Apple’s store.

Using a player’s smartphone camera and GPS signal, the game makes it seem as if wild Pokémon are cropping up on the streets of the real world. When walking around and exploring, players – or trainers as they are called in the game – are greeted with rustling bits of grass, which signal a Pokémon’s presence. Walking closer will trigger them to appear, and tapping on them will initiate a Pokébattle.

Here is a interesting infographic explaining everything you should know about Pokemon Go :

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