Watch a prisoner make a Tattoo Gun with limited resources in Jail

Watch How a Tattoo Gun Is Made in Prison

When you think about a prison the first thing that comes to your mind is criminals, thieves, rapists etc. They may be in jail for crimes they have committed, but these people are as resourceful as us. We have read news about how these criminals can turn any sharp object into a weapon which John Rambo may envy but here is something different.

Tattoo Gun

In a Facebook post doing rounds on Digg, the prison inmates urn a pen, a Walkman, a couple of paper clips, a few rubber bands, and a set of batteries into a fully functional tattoo gun. The motor, battery pack, and switch come from a Walkman which is torn down.

The ink for the tattoo comes from the pen, the needle is made from the paper clip, and the rubber bands hold it all together.

The prison where this Tattoo Gun hack was done is not known but you can appreciate the ingenious inmates for getting things done with limited resources.


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