All Entrepreneurs Should Be Acquainted With These Most Common Coding Languages

Most Common Coding Languages All Entrepreneurs Should Know

As more and more companies are shifting their services online, whether you are an aspiring developer or a new start-up founder, it is very important to know at least one coding language to be successful. Considering that there are many different programming languages available to choose from, it can be a little bit daunting for you and your company to determine which the most viable coding languages are. Not only that, it can sometimes also be difficult to choose which one to start with or which one would suit you.

While the differences between languages ranging from Java to Python to iOS and beyond may seem insignificant, the fact is that whichever language you decide to become an expert in will eventually function as the pillar of your company, and build the base for all future developments.

In this article, we bring to you the current and most common coding languages that you should be familiar with.


Java is one of the most well-known coding languages and general purpose programming language in the world. Recently, entered its 20th year of existence, Java is not only a class-based, object-oriented language but also designed to be portable, which means that you can find it on all platforms, operating systems and devices. It’s used to develop all native Android apps and powers website giants such as Amazon, Linkedin, and Netflix. Its proven simplicity and readability can be credited to its long life.


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a primarily client-side scripting language used for front-end development. JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language to create cool websites and games for the web. Javascript is the language in which many prominent browsers are derived including Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari. It not only runs on every single platform, but is also dynamic and flexible to use on object-oriented programming. It can also be used to add effects to web pages, create simple digital games and display pop-up messages.


Certainly, the easiest coding language to learn for the first time learners is Python. Developed in the 80s, Python is open source and free to use, even for commercial applications. It is usually used and referred to as a scripting language, allowing programmers to roll out huge quantities of easily readable and functional code in short periods of time. Further, it’s also dynamic, and supports object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming styles, among others. Thanks to its flexibility, Python is one of the most widely used high-level programming languages today.

Ideal for beginners, but also utilized by professionals, Python has recently knocked Java as the language of choice for intro programming courses. Eight out of the ten top computer science departments now use Python to teach coding, as well as 27 of the other leading 39 schools.


Fully entitled “Ruby on Rails”, this programming language was made for general use, but is mostly used in web development and mobile apps. Similar to Python, Ruby is simple, dynamic, readable and object-oriented scripting language for people who don’t have any kind of programming experience. When learning Ruby, you don’t have to learn a billion new commands, like in some other coding languages. It is the language that powers their framework, Ruby on Rails, which is behind websites such as Twitter, Groupon and GitHub. It is also mostly used for backend development, and popular sites such as Airbnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu, and Slideshare.


Pronounced “sequel” fluency in this coding language in today’s hiring age is one of the sought after skills. SQL is responsible for storing and managing sensitive and confidential data such as user credentials, bank and personal information about the website visitors. The scope of this language exceeds just big business technology and is also used in hospitals, banks, smaller business and universities. However, all Androids and iPhones have access to an SQL database.


Probably the most recognized programming language by millennial, iOS is Apple’s programming brainchild. iOS or “Swift” created in 2014 was used to create all of the most modern apps we use daily on our smartphones. Other companies were quick to implement this language and currently LinkedIn, American Airlines, and Duolingo are some of the bigger companies using it.


Built in 1994 by a programmer by the name of Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP was in reality never meant to serve as a coding language. Rather, it was designed by Lerdorf to manage his personal home page (PHP, get it?). However, over time it has become a common language that is used to create web pages written in HTML. PHP is considered one of the most essential languages as it controls everything on site and server, like the captain of a ship. It is a dynamic server-side language, which is responsible for managing web-apps and database. It’s not only pretty simple to use but also offers additional features to the gain of more seasoned programmers.

Source: TechDay

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