NC Man on the run after bragging of shooting his ex-wife and son in Facebook video

North Carolina man admits he shot his ex-wife and son in a Facebook video, on the run

People are using Facebook for all sorts of things like status updates but this man used it to post a video of him bragging about shooting his ex-wife and son.  A Warren County man reportedly shot his ex-wife and son and posted a video on Facebook bragging about his deeds. His ex-wife is critical while his 15-year-old son died while calling 911.

According to the police, Earl Valentine is on the run after shooting his ex-wife and son and posting a video of the same. The police said that Valentine kicked in the back door of his ex-wife’s house and shot her, then his son in the chest. The 15-year-old boy, who called 911, died while talking to the operator. Keisha Valentine, his ex-wife, is in critical, but stable condition.

“I’ve been in law enforcement 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this, this guy is bragging about it on social media. No remorse whatsoever. When we spoke to him on the phone he told us he is basically armed and dangerous,” Norlina Police Chief Taylor Bartholomew said.

According to the police, Valentine is a serial abuser and Keisha Valentine and her son moved to Norlina to escape his repeated abuses. A restraining order against Earl Valentine expired last month.

Earl Valentine posted a Facebook Live video where he admitted to the shooting.

“What’s up everybody? I just killed my (expletive) wife,” Valentine said in part of the video. “I don’t feel no (expletive) remorse for what I did.”

“He shot his own son. And for me and my guys? It’s hard to wrap your brain around that. We’re pretty angry about it especially the way he’s acting over it,” Bartholomew said.

Police said they are looking for a black 2008 GMC Yukon possibly connected to Earl Valentine.

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