The biggest companies around the globe are dropping the letters A, B, and O from their logos and signs. Do you know why?

If you have taken a walk around the block, have you noticed some of the biggest brands  have some letters missing in their signs and logos? Most of these big signages miss three letters, A,B, and O.

Most people who noticed the same, thought that it could be some malfunction but the real reason for the missing A, B, and O’s is something more serious and amazing.


NHS Blood and Transplant organization, along with PR agency Engine Group has launched the ‘Missing Type’ campaign. NHS has undertaken this campaign to make people aware the benefits of blood donation and its importance of saving lives.


As a part of this campaign, NHS has asked big brands to omit the letters that signify blood types from their logos and signs viz, blood types A, B, and O. NHS says that the reason behind the campaign is the decrease in the number of people donating blood. They are doing so in order to draw attention towards the alarming fact that there has been a 30% decrease in the number of blood donors in the past decade.


Big brands and companies like Tesco, Mirror, McDonalds, Starbucks and Hardrock Cafe have agreed to be the part of the campaign to make people aware of blood donation. Various companies have agreed to support the noble cause in the hope that their participation will attract the attention of the public at large.


The campaign aims to encourage more and more people across the world to donate blood because every 2 seconds, there is some person on earth, whose life can be saved by your blood.


The NHS  plan to get the big companies to drop A, B, and O from their signs and logos has had the desired effect according to officials as within 10 days of the campaign launch, 30 thousand new donors have registered themselves.


If you have still not seen the missing A, B, and O from the signs and logos of top brands, now is the time to spot the same and donate your blood. Your blood can save a human life.