RIP TorrentHound : Yet another torrent website shuts down

TorrentHound Shuts Down, Another Torrent Website Follows KickassTorrents And Torrentz

We had predicted at the beginning of the year that this year is bad for torrent websites and the community. The year started of wildly with The Pirate Bay repeatedly facing downtime sometimes due to technical issues and other times due to legal issues. Then came the big bad news about the shutdown of the world’s  most popular torrent website in 2016, KickassTorrents shutting shop after one of its admin got arrested. Even as the torrents community was taking the blow on its chin, then came another big bad news, Torrentz had shut down.

Now just two months after Torrentz has shut down, there is another news which will deliver a further body blow to the torrent lovers’ community. TorrentHound has shut down!

TorrentHound has decided to shut down its popular torrent site, voluntarily. “Finito,” the site’s founder informed Torrent Freak in a brief message.

Though it never ranked in the top five like ThePirateBay, KickassTorrents and Torrentz, TorrentHound definitely held its rank in top 10 torrent websites. The site which completed 9 years was founded in 2007 and had an average million visitors per month.

Being small had its own advantages and disadvantages for TorrentHound. One of the big disadvantages was that MPAA and the anti-piracy groups had no trouble finding the site. It had targetted over the years by the music and movie industry but managed to remain online. However, today, TorrentHound admin informed TF about its decision to shut down. The TorrentHound admin didn’t explain or give reasons for going Finito.

TorrentHound 2007 – 2016
TorrentHound shutdown comes close on the heels of KickassTorrents and Torrentz going down, one in July and other in August. This means that three sites top ranked torrents websites are now finished. The big daddy, The Pirate Bay is still standing strong amidst all the mayhem and the churning in the torrents community.

You can check out our latest list of popular alternatives to KickassTorrents, Torrentz and TorrentHound alternatives. 

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