Samsung got YouTube to remove GTA 5 mod video that replaced bombs with Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Compels Video of GTA Galaxy Note 7 Mod to Be Taken Down

Samsung has apparently issued a DMCA takedown focussing on a hilarious YouTube video of a Grand Theft Auto V mod, which provides the Note 7 explosive, grenade-like capabilities.

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its affiliates,” the video now reads.

HitmanNiko, the Mod’s creator, clearly created the in-game feature to imitate the unfortunate situation Samsung has found itself in.

For those unfamiliar, Samsung is in troubled waters for the past one month and a half after its brand new Galaxy Note 7 phones were recalled after their batteries started exploding. The Samsung Note 7 has proved a nightmare not only for the South Korean giant but also the loyal customers who purchased the device. Note 7’s debacle has become a laughing stock in the tech world.

So much so that a “Grand Theft Auto V” mod was made by an innovative player that turns sticky bombs into Galaxy Note 7s. It just re-skins an existing weapon in the game to look like a cell phone for the sake of a topical tech joke.

While Samsung has managed to remove the video from YouTube, here’s another version of the video uploaded by a different user (via The Verge).

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