Super Mario 64 hack reinvents the game and adds 130 new stars to collect

A Super Mario 64 fan creates an unofficial sequel of the classic, featuring new bosses & new levels

A new motivated mod called Super Mario 64: Last Impact has just been released to revive the 20-year-old classic Super Mario 64. The project Super Mario 64: Last Impact is as an act of love and the result of 4,000 hours of work by Kaze Emanuar, and it looks unbelievable. The additional content included almost makes Mario 64 a completely new game.

Kaze has added 130 new collectible stars, 12 power-ups, areas, enemies, and bosses to the original Mario 64. This can be Super Mario Bros. greatest hits, as Mario uses abilities and power-ups from a range of other games in the series as seen in the trailer. Kaze has used cool characters, mechanics and ideas from all kinds of different Mario games, and has wrapped them into one solid world. Despite of all these different elements, one can also clearly notice in the trailer that everything in this mod is thoughtfully put together and not just randomly.

Going by the YouTube uploads; one can imagine that Kaze has been working on Last Impact for at least for a year. On the other hand, Nintendo does a great job of releasing new high-quality Super Mario games. As a result, there hasn’t exactly been uproar by fans for the series to return to its roots. This project was created more as an act of love rather than to fulfil a need that the original developer has failed to deliver.

If you want to try out Super Mario 64: Last Impact, you can download this link here, and watch a tutorial on how to actually play it here:

Source: Kotaku

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