Man officially changes his name to ‘iPhone 7’ to get Apple’s latest iPhone

Ukrainian man officially changes his name to ‘iPhone 7’ to win a smartphone from Apple

Apple fanboys are a crazy lot. We have already heard stories of iPhone buyers selling kidneys to buy the devices or camping outside the Apple Store to buy the newly announced iPhone.But this one takes the cake.

A Ukrainian man has legally changed his named to iPhone 7 to score a free Apple smartphone. Olexander Turin is now officially known as iPhone Sim (Seven), after an electronics store in Kiev offered the Apple phone to the first five people to rename themselves after the device, reported AP.

While the smartphone costs approximately $850 in Ukraine, 20-year-old Olexander Turin aka iPhone Sim (Sim translates to seven in Ukrainian), got one for free as part of an electronics store’s promotion offer. Compared to spending $850 for a new iPhone 7, Turin just spent $2 to legally change his name to iPhone Sim.

The electronics store had announced a promotion under which the first five people to change their names to iPhone 7 would get a unit free of cost. Except for Turing aka iPhone Sim, no other Ukranian seems to have dared to take the offer.

Though initially shocked at the rather absurd change of name, Sim’s family and friends eventually came around and embraced the new moniker. His sister, Tetyana Panina told AP, “it was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true. Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?”

iPhone Sim says that he will stick to the new name for now, but may revert back to Olexander when he has children. So much so for getting your hands on an Apple product!

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