Film Company Tricks Pirates With Fake KickassTorrents Website

Film Company Fools Pirates With Fake KickassTorrents Website, Forgets To Seed

Romaly, a film company in Costa Rica, has created a website that looks similar to the popular torrent portal, KickassTorrents.

Known as LegalTorrents.internet, anyone visiting this site would think that this is KickassTorrent’s website. Check out the screenshot above. It contains images and screenshots, IMDB rating as well as download links with a similar logo, color scheme and word cloud on the front page. There’s even a feature for magnet links.

This fake clone of KickassTorrents tries and tricks to lure illegal downloaders and direct them away from actual torrent sites. While the torrents do actually exist, they do not contain the movies in question. Once you try to download one of the movies, the website proceeds to play a short trailer of the movie accompanied by a short message warning explaining how piracy affects the industry. On the other hand, there’s a twist and that it additionally contains an email address that the downloaders can use to get two free cinema tickets for the movie they have been trying to download.

Talking to TorrentFreak, Alonso Solís, advertising supervisor of Romaly mentioned,“With the creation of our own torrent download page we seek to approach all those who try to carry out this type of illegal action and create awareness on the subject through positive reinforcement. By providing tickets we want you to remember that cinema is an experience that goes beyond a computer. In the cinema, people enjoy an entertainment space that allows them to get rid of their occupations and dedicate one or two hours to themselves.”

As pointed out by TorrentFreak, none of the torrents appear to have any seeders, which means that no pirate will ever get to download the mischievous hidden message.

Source: TorrentFreak

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