This developer is fighting a lonely battle to keep Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 afloat

Unity 8 And Ubuntu Touch Are Officially Dead But UBports Team Will Keep Them Alive

Canonical and Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth have recently announced a halt on the development of Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8. This is obviously caused a bit of heartbreak for the admirers of the platform but there is still hope.

Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 Are Not Dead

Marius Gripsgård from UBPorts has taken to Google+ to react to the news and announced that he is not giving up on the platform and will strive to keep them alive for as long as he can.

“I’m not giving up! I will do my best to keep Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 standing on both its legs! It will be hard,” said Marius Gripsgård. “The Ubuntu Touch wheel is still spinning, and it has enough momentum to spin until we start spinning it with hopefully with greater force.”

In case you haven’t heard about him, Marius Gripsgård is well known in the Ubuntu Police community for porting Ubuntu Touch operating system onto a range of devices. Just as recently as two months ago in February, the developer announced that he and his team at UBports managed to successfully port Canonical’s Ubuntu OS to the Fairphone 2 modular smartphone, thus getting the phone into the ranks of the OnePlus One and Nexus 5 with successful Ubuntu ports.

The Road Ahead

As for future plans, there were reported plans to port the platform onto  Nexus 6, Nexus 10, Oneplus X, and Optimus L90. We can’t be certain about the status of these plans following the announcement by Canonical, but the UBPorts founder will soon be publishing details of his and his team’s efforts to keep the platform alive.

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Delwyn Pinto
Delwyn Pinto
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  1. This developer is off his meds. This entire scheme is useless to begin with; that’s why Ubuntu dropped it. Like many people, I specifically use Ubuntu because Microsoft fell off hte cliff in this direction! I guess Ubuntu isn’t ready to self destruct.


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