10 must have apps for programmers if they want to be professional

10 applications programmers should know about

As all programmers know hardware and software on your machine of choice plays a very critical role in your programming life. You cannot code if your machine just cannot live up to the demands nor can you be productive if the software tools that you use aren’t optimal. Today, we’re gonna target one of these segments by revealing a few tools you should consider using for your coding requirements.

This editor definitely demands a look if you are an Android developer. Packed with features including deep search and shortcuts it also comes in-built with code highlighting for C++, Java & Ruby.

Sticking to Android programming, another editor worth taking note of is AIDE. The standout feature of this is the speed with which it lets you transfer code from your Eclipse Project onto your Android device.

Syntax Highlighted Code Editor  

Syntax Highlighted Code Editor is the editor quite a few web developers are familiar with. This editor is very comfortable for programmers who like to work on their code through their smartphones. With its syntax highlighting features , it lets you work with HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++ and more seamlessly.

If C is your language of choice then C4droid should be your editor of choice. This editor makes use of the GNU based architecture and GCC collection Framework.

This is an editor you need to install if you like programming on your smartphone. It includes a real time debugger along with a scope explorer providing step by step execution. Algoid is genuinely turn your smartphone into a programming work station.

Programming Hub
This should be a goto editor for prgrammers who are still in the learning phase. More so if your language of choice includes either python, Assembly, HTML, C, VB.NET, C++, programmingC#, JavaScript, PHP or Java Programming then this is the app for you.

If you’re new to programming, you’ll often find yourself getting stuck. That’s when Udacity comes along with its free video courses. It’s always beneficial to have something to fall back on when you’re still learning to code.

C++ Programming
The case for this editor is the C++ Tutor that contains 140 Programs alongside common FAQs. With an easy interface, this is a good editor.

Programmer Keyboard
While we’ve mentioned quite a few editors to code on your smartphone, one concern popping in your mind, would’ve been the keyboard. Its not easy to code on a touch screen device especially with keyboards desgined towards texting rather than coding. This is where the Programmer keyboard comes in. This app provides you with keys such as arrows and Ctrl+A that aren’t available on traditional smartphone keyboards.

DroidScript Programming IDE
This is a Java based IDE that lets you use your computer as the remote IDE over Wi-Fi. It supports a whole range of capabilities including GPS, compass, accelerometer along with native HTML controls.

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