The Sgnl wristband would let Humans receive phone calls through hands

Sgnl wristband lets you make calls using a finger

World’s first BCU (Body Conduction Unit) would now make it possible to receive phone calls through your hands. The technology is yet to be released this year post March and is going to bring revolution in the domain of wearable technology.

The product is derivative of Samsung’s C-Lab. Both of these devices with other similar spin-offs are currently being showcased in Las Vegas at CES 2018. People at the CES event who got a chance to use the device were able to listen to music by placing their fingertip near their ear while wearing the Sgnl device on the wrist of that fingertip. Although, the main motive of the device is not listening to music but to have a phone conversation.

The Sgnl works in few steps. It transmits vibrations from the user’s wrist to their fingertips via their bones. Yes, it transmits through bones. And when the fingertip is placed next to ear converts into sound which can be heard via the user and a phone call happens successfully. One advantage of this is that no one except the user will be able to hear the vibrations and the phone calls can be received safely. It means there won’t be any need to take out mobile phones from the pocket.

The Sgnl technology not only can make calls but do other important stuff as well. It can also work as pedometer, sleep monitor, fitness tracker and has many apps which can be integrated with it. Sgnl’s strap can be affixed with any traditional watch or wrist band.

It can store up to five contacts through which phone calls can made using the basic Sgnl’s interface. Although, later it’s assumed to get updated and store more than five contacts. It also means until that happens, user will have to take out phone for phones calls other than those five.

This device is compatible with both Android as well as iOS and is water resistant. It posses a battery life of four hours of call time and up to four days in the standby mode.

Right now, it’s in nascent stage but we all are excited for this new technology and waiting for its release.

Source: Sgnl via Engadget

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Mudita Jha
Mudita Jha
Mudita Jha is a creative content writer for many blogs & a tech savvy person and she loves to write poems and stories. She believes you can conquer anything with positivity.



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