Unreleased Google’s Pixel 3 XL available in black market for $2,000

Stolen Google Pixel 3 XL available for sale in Russian black market for $2,000

Google’s upcoming flagship, Pixel 3 XL has been in the news for some time now. Thanks to the leaked videos and images of Pixel 3 XL that are doing the rounds of the internet.

In fact, majority of the leaks have come from a Ukrainian blogger, Ivan Luchkov, who reportedly works for Wylsacom media.

The same blogger had also released a hands-on Pixel 3 XL video but it had a watermark attached which was a Telegram account.

In the latest development, 9to5Google has learned that a Ukrainian seller is selling stolen Google Pixel 3 XL “near production” units for $2,000 each on the black market in Europe.

Apparently, the Telegram account selling the pre-production units is the same Ukrainian blogger that has been watermarked on some of the early leaks.

Those interested in buying the earlier version of Pixel 3 XL need to connect to another Telegram user who allegedly possesses these Pixel 3 XL 64 GB devices in England.

Stolen Google Pixel 3 XL
Image credits-slashgear

Below are the details shared by the seller in the public Telegram group (a message that was translated from Russian):

Remains only 3 pcs, Google Pixel 3 XL:  I answer immediately to the most popular questions The price is $2000. Payment is possible via PayPal or Bitcoin. The second is preferable because PayPal has a horse commission for international transfers.

Dispatch is made from London via DHL or FedEx. Regarding the purchase, please contact [REDACTED]. Also, I remind you that there is a large amount of Google Pixel 2 XL available at good prices. Please!

It is unclear how the seller got his hands-on Google Pixel 3 XL units so early. Also, there is no information on how many Pixel 3 XL devices have been stolen and sold. It is also claimed that these pre-launched phones cannot be remotely deactivated by Google.

All the leaks of Pixel 3 XL until now have shown only the ‘Clearly White’ variant of the smartphone, which means this particular dealer could be the source of all the different leaks.

The Pixel 3 XL smartphone is expected to launch on October 4. While it may be tempting to pick up the Pixel 3 XL before its release, it is advisable not to refrain from buying from the black market, as there is no guarantee whether the product will reach you.

Meanwhile, both Google and Foxconn, who has been selected to produce both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL smartphones this year, are involved in internal investigations and discussions about the leaks.

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