‘Stranger Things’ season 3 leaks suggest Netflix 4K may have been breached

Leaked Stranger Things season 3 in 4K HDR surfaces online on various piracy sites

High-quality pirated 4K HDR copies of the entire third season of Netflix exclusive “Stranger Things” has been spread across various pirate torrent sites on Thursday suggesting that the video streaming platform may have been breached.

As reported by TorrentFreak, the WEB-DL format was the first clue that the pirated 4K copy of Stranger Things came from Netflix, as the above-pirated copy format generally comes from streaming and download services such as Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes.

However, the format doesn’t apply to 4K releases, as these are protected by the highest encryption standards such as Widevine’s highest level DRM, in the case of Netflix.

Until now, Netflix was considered secure. While the burst of new 4K Netflix leaks suggests that there is some type of vulnerability that allows outsiders to decrypt the original steams, there has been no confirmation that the keys have been cracked.

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The leaked episodes of “Stranger Things” seems to have originated from the DEFLATE release group and are all marked as ‘INTERNAL’ releases, such as “Stranger Things S03E01 INTERNAL 2160p WEB H265-DEFLATE.”

Also, the WEB tags on the releases indicate that these files were directly decrypted from a video-on-demand or streaming service, which means the files can be leaked without loss in quality.

“Untouched releases must be considered as anything that has been losslessly downloaded by official (offered) or unofficial (backdoor) methods,” official Scene rules dictate.

It is not known how the DEFLATE release group were able to get their hands on the new leaks. The leaks were pointed out by Tarnkappe. This is not the first time the release group has leaked 4K leaks. Earlier this year, the same group had released several movies from iTunes, including the entire James Bond collection.

The current leaked copy has spread across online streaming sites that allow watching tv series online and also on the torrenting sites.

If there is really a breach in Netflix, we could likely see more pirated copies of 4K films from Netflix appear on various torrent sites. TorrentFreak contacted Netflix for a comment on the matter, but they are yet to respond to them.

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