Last month, Microsoft had released a new AI-powered writing assistant called ‘Microsoft Editor’ to help users with spelling and grammar in Word.

This free grammar and spell-check browser extension and Microsoft’s answer to Grammarly is now available for download on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

“With the release of Microsoft Editor’s standalone browser extension, Editor now moves with you across the web so you can easily write clear, accurate content anywhere you want. Whether you are posting casually on Facebook or LinkedIn or writing in-depth for a site like Medium, you can create with confidence knowing Editor will flag misspelled words and grammatical errors,” Microsoft explains.

While Microsoft for long has had grammar and spelling correction in Word and other Office apps, with the AI-powered Microsoft Editor extension it will now be available on apps outside the MS Office too.

The new Microsoft Editor aims to improve your writing in Word, Outlook, Chrome and Edge to bring best writing experience.

It helps you check your writing in 20+ languages, including French, Spanish, German, and others. You can also write polished prose, craft impressive emails, and post on your favourite sites like LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, and more.

Microsoft Editor is available in two different levels. The free edition includes essential Editor capabilities, such as spelling and basic grammar across Word,, and the web. However, with Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription, you get access to advanced grammar and style refinements, clarity, conciseness, formal language, vocabulary suggestions, and much more.


You can now download Microsoft Editor extension from Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Addons store. The free browser extension has already started rolling and will be globally available by the end of April.


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