Microsoft is testing a built-in “Math Solver” tool in the latest Canary build of Edge 90, which will help users solve various mathematical problems, including trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic, statistics, calculus, and more. 

The Math Solver tool driven by the Bing search engine is a boon for students and professionals who are looking for quick solutions to solve complicated mathematical formulas on their browser in a matter of seconds. 

A new toggle called the “Show Math Solver button” was discovered by a Reddit user, Leopeva64-2 over at r/Edge, and can be found in the Settings > Appearance section for Edge Canary. When enabled, the browser will add a dedicated button on the toolbar. 

There are two ways in which you can solve the mathematical problem. You can either manually type out a problem using your keyboard – and an extended on-screen keyboard or simply use a lasso tool to capture the formula or equation available on a web page and load it in the browser. Math Solver then uses OCR (optical character recognition) to read the problem, convert it into a form readable by Edge and provide an appropriate solution to users along with all the relevant working showing how it reached the answer.

Currently, this feature is available only in the Canary build of Microsoft Edge (version 90). In order to try out the Math Solver tool, you will need to be running this version of the browser or higher.

The tool is available to only select Microsoft Edge Canary Insiders, as it is a part of a Controlled Feature Roll-out (CFR). You can download the Math Solver tool from the Microsoft Edge Insider website here.