ETHERNITY CLOUD – The Ideal Decentralized Cloud Service


Thanks to the rapid developments in technology, Cloud Computing has now become a household name. While using traditional cloud computing/storage services all of your data resides in one large data center, however if anything goes wrong at the data center due to an outage the entire service goes offline.

Furthermore, most mainstream cloud computing services don’t offer proper encryption and almost none of them offer confidentiality at an affordable price. 

The aforementioned problems can easily be resolved with decentralized cloud computing. In Fact, the major highlights of decentralized cloud computing are data confidentiality, and continuous availability. 

In this article, we have shared details about a mainstream and a rapidly growing decentralized confidential computing service Ethernity CLOUD.

ETHERNITY CLOUD – Everything You Need To Know

As stated earlier, Ethernity CLOUD is a decentralized confidential computing service. 

Unlike traditional services, Ethernity CLOUD creates a cloud computing infrastructure

where the user’s data is hosted on a wide range of systems spread across the globe in an encrypted and anonymous manner.

Ethernity Cloud Computing

The nodes of Ethernity CLOUD which could be composed of anything from regular computers, workstations to mid-range servers and data centers rely on the smart contract to perform the required tasks.

The entire technology is developed in such a way that the middle-man (mainstream cloud computing companies) are not needed anymore. This offers safety and confidentiality in a trust less environment.

As you might have understood by now, the entire technology is developed to eliminate the middle-man (mainstream cloud computing companies) and offer safety and confidentiality of users’ data. 

You can gather detailed information about the project from the Ethernity CLOUD homepage. 

Some noteworthy features of the project are: 

  1. Ethernity CLOUD is crucial to freedom of speech in the current internet environment of censorship.
  2. Ethernity CLOUD can be utilized as base infrastructure for an online library such as Wikipedia.
  3. Ethernity CLOUD can ensure high availability of online resources by avoiding a single point of failure like traditional cloud storage solutions.
  4. Ethernity CLOUD can be the answer for any other decentralized service or web application that demands true high availability.


Iosif Peterfi is the founder and CEO of Ethernity CLOUD. He has actively participated with the development team for almost four years now. Recently, at AIBC Summit interview in Dubai, Iosif stated that the main objective of the project is to create a confidential cloud computing ecosystem. 

He also stated that Ethernity CLOUD is focusing on spreading information about the future of cloud computing/storage.

Ethernity CLOUD Sells 100% of Presale Tokens

Ethernity CLOUD is a community-driven project. You will be surprised to know that all presale tokens of Ethernity CLOUD were sold out in about 25 hours. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the minimum investment package was set at $5,000. 

Clearly, individuals and small businesses are supporting the project because it is focused on developing a fair ecosystem where everyone has fully protected rights to privacy and integrity.

Ethernity CLOUD would like to extend the participation for their Public Sales round to fit any budget – you can register here

Ethernity Cloud

A few weeks ago, Ethernity CLOUD revealed that they have entered a partnership with the Bank of Memories and the Institute for Internet Security. If you are interested in supporting the project then feel free to go to the token registration page. 

Undoubtedly, the team is working on a great project that will completely resolve the problems associated with present-day online privacy and data breaches.

Ethernity Cloud Joins Confidential Computing Consortium

The next noteworthy achievement of Ethernity CLOUD is that it recently joined the Confidential Computing Consortium. Some other members of the Confidential Computing Consortium are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel. 


In a nutshell, Ethernity CLOUD is changing cloud computing for good; future users will be able to maintain complete online data confidentiality and attain freedom of expression.

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