5 Alternatives To Axie Infinity: A 2023 Review

The play-to-earn gaming segment continues to heat up and build momentum. Despite the dominant position Axie Infinity is in, competitors continue to emerge weekly.

Some titles are still in development, whereas others are live to play, but they all try to bring a broader audience to P2E gaming.

Finding Alternatives to Axie Infinity

When people discuss play-to-earn gaming, the name Axie Infinity will be dropped eventually. The gaming title generates the most headlines early on, giving it substantial traction.

Moreover, it is still a successful P2E game with over 225,000 monthly players. That number may increase again following the release of its free-to-play version Axie Infinity: Origin. Unlike the main title, the spin-off requires no upfront investment cost.  

Even so, no one can deny there are other promising games out there. Not just in terms of titles with more players – like Gameta, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, or Benji Bananas – but with a different appeal.

Play-to-earn gaming is a vast concept where many developers try to explore new use cases. Their biggest challenge is bringing users continual value, which Axie Infinity and other big titles continue to struggle with today. 

Axie Infinity alternatives

Below are some other play-to-earn titles that qualify as alternatives to Axie Infinity. 


NFT enthusiasts will know Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell Broadus share a keen interest in non-fungible tokens. Moreover, they have a passion for weed. MOBLAND is the crossroads of both aspects, as players can set up digital weed farm NFTs in the Metaverse. It does not necessarily follow the traditional play-to-earn model, though. Instead, it is one of the alternatives to Axie Infinity with a new model called “grow-to-earn.”

The virtual weed farms represent the third-gen NFT movement where business and utility meet virtual land and real estate. The mafia-themed Metaverse is akin to Mafia Wars but with a metaverse twist. The partnership with Snoop Dogg and his son will pave the way for a more comprehensive 2023 review of MOBLAND and what its virtual world is capable of. 

Fashion League

On paper, fashion and monster battling couldn’t be further apart. Even so, Fashion League qualifies as one of the alternatives to Axie Infinity. The Web3 platform evolves around having fun and fashion, with play-and-earn elements. Players earn virtual money by engaging in multiple game modes, which they can convert to cryptocurrency during weekly events. There is a strong focus on the business aspect, either as a store owner, designer, artist or otherwise. 

Moreover, there is a good reason to add Fashion league to one’s 2023 review list. The ecosystem has game elements and serves as a platform for brands to display new products. That can lead to new collaborations, more utility, and closing the gap between real-life and digital wearables. 


Although the Apeiron ecosystem is not live yet, it is on many people’s radar for a 2023 review. As a result, the play-and-earn god-game has a potential first-mover advantage. Moreover, it combines various elements – simulation, roguelike, and card-battling – with appealing gameplay – planet simulation, PvE World Exploration, PvP, and God-vs-god galactic progression. Content-wise, it qualifies as one of the potential alternatives to Axie Infinity, and its tri-token approach may prove more sustainable too. 

Similar to other games, Apeiron will feature a scholarship mechanic. That opens the floodgates for players looking to engage in high-level content in the various in-game events. Moreover, the Armageddon mechanic – to wipe out planets once they have been exhausted – sounds very intriguing.


Bringing together gaming NFTs and utility is a top objective for Jump.trade. The ecosystem spans the MCL game, features various brands, and fosters overall collaboration within the Metaverse. In essence, Jump.trade is a platform to market and launch NFTs as part of a living ecosystem. The Meta Cricket League is just one example of bringing the real world into the Metaverse by building brand recognition. 

Moreover, the platform can bring many alternatives to Axie Infinity to market. Gaming remains a crucial vertical for NFTs and Metaverse technology, although there are other options to explore too. A 2023 review of Jump.trade will help determine how brands and developers see this platform and the opportunities it represents. 

Cookin’ Burger

One may not necessarily see the appeal of flipping burgers in the Metaverse. However, Cookin’ Burger, developed by DEA, makes the concept rather fun. The game is currently in open beta and will be available for a full 2023 review shortly. Moreover, it is accessible through the PlayMining platform. Players must multi-task their burger cooking skills, taking orders, and sustaining a steady workflow. It sounds very simple, yet offers a decent level of engagement for players. 

The Cookin’ Burger is one of the alternatives to Axie Infinity, even if its gameplay is vastly different. Play-to-earn games can tackle any game mode or mechanics. It revolves around keeping players engaged, and cooking simulators do quite well on that front. Moreover, the official launch of Cookin’ Burger will feature ranking rewards and many new features. 

An Exciting 2023 Review Lineup

With so many alternatives to Axie Infinity coming to market, there is much to look forward to in 2023. These five titles are an example of what NFT and gaming enthusiasts can look forward to in the next few months. 

In addition, hundreds of other titles are currently available or in development, showcasing there is much more to play-to-earn than that one title. 

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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