Proxy Bay Disappears From GitHub

One of the most popular Pirate Bay Proxy aggregator namely Proxy Bay has suddenly disappeared from GitHub.

As you might know, thousands of ISPs and government organizations across the world have blocked The Pirate Bay. Luckily users can still bypass the restrictions by using Proxy Sites.

However, now it seems popular TPB Proxies are also being targeted.

With well over a million visitors per month, Proxy Bay is not a dedicated proxy website for The Pirate Bay. Rather, Proxy Bay functions as an information portal.

On Proxy Bay users can check out an overview of available TPB proxy options. This is quite useful for nations where the TPB has been blocked.

After Proxy Bay disappeared, all proxy domains that were previously promoted on The Proxy Bay have also gone offline.

Some of these domains were,, and Even in the past, Proxy Bay has faced Police takedown.

That said, this time around the site has quietly disappeared. At the time of writing this article, users are greeted by a 404 error when trying to visit the Proxy Bay websites.

It’s uncertain whether the proxy information website will be back online or not.

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Anubhav Tyagi
Anubhav Tyagi
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