Netflix Got Hacked and Email Changed – How To Get Account Back

Netflix is undeniably one of the most widely used platforms for streaming movies and TV shows online, thanks to its vast library of content.

Unfortunately, some cyber criminals are out there trying to get free access to paid services, so they may use them for their purposes or resell them to others on the dark web.

Netflix, in particular, frequently finds itself in the crosshairs of these malicious actors as they endeavor to infiltrate your account and employ it for the purposes above while you continue to bear the financial burden of the Netflix subscription.

In many instances, these individuals surreptitiously exploit your Netflix subscription without your detection. However, some venture to seize full control of your account by altering vital credentials like your email address and password.

So, if you noticed your Netflix got hacked, and email changed, there are a few things you should know about that occurrence and ways to get your account back.

This article will discuss those things so as to help you recover it when your Netflix gets hacked and prevent it from happening again. Keep reading as we dive into the topic!

How did my Netflix account get hacked?

Hackers employ various methods to gain unauthorized access to users’ Netflix accounts, but one prevalent tactic involves phishing. They send deceptive Netflix emails to users, coaxing them into divulging their login credentials.

Furthermore, some users inadvertently leave their accounts vulnerable by using uncomplicated passwords. In such instances, hackers resort to brute-force attacks to breach the account.

In other circumstances, a hacked email or the usage of a common password across several accounts may be the cause of the vulnerability, making it simpler for hackers to figure out the Netflix password.

These are only a handful of the methods hackers use to access Netflix accounts, frequently without the users’ notice unless they change their login information and interfere with the Netflix login process.

When a hacker eventually changes your email address or another detail connected to your Netflix account, it usually indicates that they intend to take over your account and probably kick you out.

Most of the time, a hacker won’t do that, but if your account has been sold to someone on the dark web, the buyer might alter the email, causing you to become aware of the security breach.

Fortunately, you may still take a few easy actions to get your Netflix account back, which we will go over in the following section of this article.

How To Get Back My Netflix Account After It Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

If your Netflix account has been hacked into and your account email has been changed, these are the measures you can take to get back your account:

1. Change Your Netflix Email and Password To Logout the Hacker

Upon the realization that your account has been compromised, with the hacker having changed your email address, yet you still maintain access, likely because the intruder didn’t log you out, your immediate action should be to reset both your Netflix account email address and password to remove the unauthorized user.

In this scenario, you can promptly identify the email address the hacker updated on your Netflix account, change the account password, and then proceed to modify the email, following these steps:

1. Pick the device where your Netflix account remains logged in, and visit this link to update the hacker’s email on your account.

2. On the account settings page, locate and select the Change email option.

Change Netflix Email

3. Netflix will require verification of your identity before allowing the email change. Use the phone number associated with your account to receive a confirmation code. In case the hacker has also altered the phone number, use your payment details for confirmation.

Confirm Your Identity on Netflix

4. After successful confirmation, input the new email address you wish to use (ensure it’s different from the one the hacker used to access your account).

5. Following the email address change, revisit this link and choose Change password.

Change Netflix Password

6. Enter your current password and the new password you want to set in the boxes provided for them, then check the Sign out all devices box and click Save.

Change password on Netflix

7. If the hacker hasn’t modified your Netflix account’s password, clicking “Save” should grant you control over your account. The hacker will be logged out, and they won’t regain access since you’ve altered the login credentials.

8. In the event the hacker has changed your password, select Forgot password on the Change your Password page and opt to receive an email to reset your password on the new email address you just specified.

9. Upon receiving the email, click the provided link and follow the prompts to set a new password. During this process, choose Sign out all devices to ensure Netflix logs the hacker out of your account, preventing further access due to the altered login details.

Note: Make sure you use a strong and unique password this time around so your account won’t be easily hacked again.

2. Access Your Account With Your Phone Number and Change Your Password

If you’re in a situation where your Netflix account appears to have been compromised, evidenced by an error message stating that Netflix cannot locate any associated account with the email address you’re using to log in, it likely indicates that the hacker has altered both your email address and password.

In such a case, one potential way to reclaim your account involves using the phone number linked to your Netflix account. However, you should note that this method only works if you have previously verified your phone number with Netflix. Without prior verification, Netflix will not recognize your phone number as associated with your account.

Provided your phone number is accessible, verified, and remains unchanged by the hacker, you can follow the steps below to initiate the account recovery process:

1. Go to the Netflix login page on any of your devices and click Need help below the Sign In option.

Need help on Netflix

2. On the resulting page, select Text Message (SMS), enter the phone number you have connected to your Netflix account, and click Text Me.

Reset Netflix Password

3. Next, you will be directed to another page, and a confirmation code from Netflix will be sent to the phone number connected to your Netflix.

4. Enter the 6-digit confirmation code and click Verify.

5. You will now be directed to the page to set a new password for your account without entering your previous password, so enter the new password (make sure the password is unique and strong) in the boxes provided for it, check the Sign out of all devices box and click Save.

If this method proves successful in restoring your access to your Netflix account, please follow this link to access your Netflix account settings page.

Once there, promptly modify your email to ensure that the hacker no longer has any access to your account, given that you’ve altered your login credentials and successfully removed the intruder from your account.

3. Contact Support

When your Netflix account has been compromised, and the hacker has altered your email and/or account password, rendering you unable to access your account for changes or recovery, your final recourse is to reach out to customer support.

This approach has proven effective for numerous users to reclaim their Netflix accounts and can assist you. Therefore, consider giving it a try by following the steps outlined below:

1. Visit Netflix’s Contact Us page by clicking the text hyperlinked in this sentence.

2. On the Contact Us page, type the issue you are facing in the Describe your issue box, then click the arrow at the right side of the box to submit your report.

Report your issue

3. After your report process, you will see the Chat with Us option; click on it to be directed to Netflix Customer Service.

Chat with Netflix support

4. On the Netflix Customer Support page, select Chat with an agent and patiently await an agent to join the conversation, which may take a few minutes. Once connected, explain your issue to the agent and request their assistance in the recovery of your account.

Chat with an agent from Netflix

Hopefully, these steps should enable you to regain control of your account. Once you’ve successfully recovered your Netflix account, it’s crucial to enhance its security by changing your email and password to safeguard it effectively.

How do I know if someone has hacked into my Netflix account?

Most times, a hacker might gain unauthorized access to your Netflix account and discreetly use it. However, the longer you allow the hacker to retain access, the greater the risk of them taking over the account.

Therefore, it’s advisable to promptly remove the hacker by updating your email and password when you detect unauthorized access.

Here are the indicators to help you identify if your Netflix account has been compromised:

  • Detecting anomalies in your Netflix account’s viewing history
  • Encountering titles in your “Continue Watching” list that you didn’t initiate
  • Discovering unfamiliar profiles on your account
  • Receiving unexpected login notifications from Netflix

If you observe any of these signs, it’s crucial to change your Netflix account’s email and password promptly to remove any unauthorized users.

Can you get your Netflix account back?

Yes, you can recover your Netflix account after it has been hacked using the procedures described in this article. The recommended solution depends on whether you still have access to your Netflix account or if the hacker has pwned the account and you no longer have access to it. So, go over the approaches we mentioned to determine which one is appropriate for your situation.

Is my card details compromised since my Netflix account got hacked?

Your card details won’t be compromised if a hacker gains access to your account, as Netflix only displays the last four digits of your card in your profile. However, it’s advisable to err on the side of caution by promptly deactivating your card when you observe any unauthorized activity on your Netflix account.

Wrap Up

Hackers getting into users’ accounts is a common occurrence that may be avoided by using a strong and unique password and not sharing your Netflix login information with just anyone.

Furthermore, maintaining the security of your Netflix account entails regular monitoring of account activity, periodic changes to your Netflix account password, and a thorough review of linked accounts.

If you discover that someone has hacked into your Netflix account and altered your email address, the procedure described in this article should assist you in recovering your account from the hacker.

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