12 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives To Play in 2024

Looking for free GeoGuessr alternatives?

GeoGuessr, a popular geography game, has garnered significant attention from the public.

Its premise revolves around identifying the geographical location of specific StreetView images displayed by the game, with scores awarded based on accuracy.

Many players, myself included, enjoy this game as it challenges and enhances our understanding of various global locations, testing our knowledge and familiarity with different parts of the world.

In 2019, GeoGuessr transitioned from a free-to-play model to a subscription-based one. This change was necessitated by the rising fees imposed by Google for utilizing its Maps API, particularly StreetView, which became burdensome for the game developers.

Despite this shift, there are still alternatives to GeoGuessr, like WordleDaily, that utilize Maps API without imposing costs on players.

Therefore, this article aims to present you with free GeoGuessr alternatives, perfect for those without a budget for GeoGuessr. Keep reading to explore these options!

Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives To Play

Here are some worthwhile free GeoGuessr alternatives that you might enjoy.

However, a few of these alternatives don’t feature StreetView integration; instead, they rely on maps for guessing, which might appeal to some users. That’s why I’ve included them in the list. Let’s explore them now:

1. WordleDaily

WordleDaily is the top GeoGuessr alternative you can play for free. It is an independently created game that allows you to guess the specific map location of a random Streetview you find yourself.


In the Streetview feature, you have the opportunity to explore your surroundings, searching for clues like buildings and landmarks to determine your location on the map.

This geography guessing game offers six trials or rounds for each specific Streetview scenario presented to the player, limited to once per day. After each round, the game aids in narrowing down the potential location with a circle, assisting in refining your guess for precise accuracy.

Similar to GeoGuessr, WordleDaily utilizes Streetview and is available for free. However, there is a trade-off: the presence of somewhat intrusive ads on the game page, serving as the game developer’s method of sustaining the game.

For those willing to invest, the ads can be removed at a cost. Notably, WordleDaily does not require signup, and users can customize various settings, including the maximum distance from the location to win, cityscape, and more.

In conclusion, it’s an engaging game that allows you to test your knowledge of global locations, providing an enjoyable experience overall.

Play WordleDaily

2. City Guesser

City Guesser presents itself as a GeoGuessr alternative that enables you to virtually explore global locations. It challenges players by requiring them to make location guesses based on surrounding cues, serving as a free substitute for GeoGuessr.

City Guesser

Diverging from GeoGuessr, which utilizes Streetview, City Guesser employs a video walkthrough of the player’s location. This approach allows users to visually explore and leverage available clues to pinpoint their location on the map.

The game permits players to choose the country they wish to explore and make a random guess regarding a city within that country. In instances where the correct guess proves elusive, the game provides the accurate location.

Additional features of the City Guesser web game include challenge mode and streak mode, offering a unique experience.

Play City Guesser

3. Geohub

Geohub is another free alternative to GeoGuessr, offering nearly all the features you can find on GeoGuessr and more. To access this web game, users must sign up, a requirement justified by its ability to save ongoing games and be able to continue the games on another device.

Using Streetview, Geohub allows players to explore virtually any country worldwide. Each game consists of 5 rounds, with players placed in different locations for each round, earning points based on the accuracy of their guesses.

An appealing aspect of Geohub is its sleek and interactive interface, free from ads despite being free to play. Additionally, players can engage in challenges with friends and participate in daily challenges to secure a spot on the leaderboard.

While Geohub is offered for free, users have the option to donate to support the game developers.

Play Geohub

4. Geotastic

Geostatic emerges as a leading free alternative to GeoGuessr in the realm of geography games. As a crowdfunded venture, Geostatic offers free gameplay while also welcoming user donations.


While the game is free, users must create an account to access its features. Geostatic presents various gaming options, including a single-player local mode, multiplayer online lobbies, and a challenge mode.

One standout feature of Geostatic is its customizable game modes, offering players ample options to tailor their experience.

Moreover, after each game, if your guess proves incorrect, the game provides the current time and temperature of the location you were trying to pinpoint, sourced from Wetter.de’s APIs.

Play Geotastic

5. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World is another compelling GeoGuessr alternative that introduces an intriguing concept.

Here’s how it works: The game features six players, including yourself, who hide somewhere on the world map. Turn by turn, players use Street View clues to guess the hider’s location.

Hide and Seek World

The winner, determined by the most points, is crowned. The time-bound guessing adds a serious element to the game. You can choose to join a public game or host a private game for each available game mode.

With its well-designed interface and the fact that it’s free, this game stands out as the top alternative to GeoGuessr.

Play Hide & Seek World

6. Settera

Settera is a map quiz game that covers numerous regions worldwide, providing an engaging alternative to GeoGuessr for learning map geography through quizzes. It offers a dynamic approach to familiarizing players with places on maps, making the learning process less mundane.


The game is accessible via web browsers and available as Android and iOS apps. Settera boasts nine challenging game modes aimed at enhancing geography knowledge while having fun

Additionally, Settera features a voice function designed to aid in learning the correct pronunciation of countries, capitals, and cities globally. With one of its game modes focusing on Anatomy and Science quizzes, Settera offers more than just geography education.

These quizzes are shareable, making them suitable for distribution among students and others for interactive solving. Settera presents a captivating alternative to GeoGuessr, offering enjoyable learning experiences.

Moreover, Settera is currently under the ownership of GeoGuessr, suggesting potential enhancements in features, with hopes that it will remain freely accessible.

Play Settera

7. PlayGeography

PlayGeography is a geography game centered around quizzes, where players respond to questions regarding continents, countries, capitals, or cities on a map. The complexity of these questions varies based on the chosen difficulty level.


Unlike GeoGuessr, PlayGeography does not utilize Street View maps; instead, players engage with a 2D map to answer the presented questions. The game is entirely free to play without any restrictions.

While users may encounter some intrusive ads on the platform, they can be managed. One notable feature of PlayGeography is its compatibility with Google Classroom, allowing quizzes to be shared for group or student geography tests.

Play PlayGeography

8. Get Lost

Get Lost is a geographical exploration game that employs randomized street-level images to prompt players to investigate and make educated guesses about their location. Notably, the game distinguishes itself by offering extensive global exploration opportunities.

Get Lost

The game is straightforward, although it necessitates signing up beforehand. Following a concept similar to GeoGuessr, players are scored based on the precision of their location guesses. Furthermore, all features of the game are accessible for free.

Play Get Lost

9. Where Am I?

This game is similar to GeoGuessr but has a distinct feature – it operates on a donationware model, setting it apart from GeoGuessr.

Where Am I

Although it lacks the extensive array of features and game modes found in GeoGuessr and other geography games discussed in this article, it maintains simplicity without unnecessary elements.

Where Am I? directly immerses you in the location via Street View, allowing you to explore and deduce the location on the map. If a particular location proves challenging, you can opt to start a new game and be transported to a different place.

Notably, during my testing of the game, I did not encounter any advertisements, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience with this game.

Play Where Am I

10. Zoomtastic

This game offers another opportunity to explore global geography, much like GeoGuessr. Here’s how it works: a map is displayed on your screen, and a 30-second countdown commences. As the timer ticks, the map gradually zooms in, revealing more geographical details to help you identify the specific area being shown.

Zoomtastic - Free GeoGuessr alternative

After 10 seconds, you’re presented with four potential answers to select the one that best corresponds to the location depicted on the map. Like GeoGuessr, this game is browser-based and provides an enjoyable method to enhance your geographical knowledge.

Play Zoomtastic

11. GuessWhere World Map Quiz

GuessWhere World Map offers an Android alternative to GeoGuessr, available for free. True to its name, the game prompts players to pinpoint the presented location based on geographical clues.

GuessWhere World Map Quiz

This app is exclusive to Android devices and cannot be accessed through web browsers, unlike GeoGuessr. Upon launching, players must opt for either the free play mode or the level-based mode.

In the free play mode, users can select their preferred countries and tailor the game settings to their preferences. Conversely, the level-based mode randomly assigns locations from a pool of 25 levels.

Overall, GuessWhere World Map provides an engaging platform to explore global geography and test one’s knowledge of the world.

Play GuessWhere World Map Quiz

12. Duckster

Duckster presents a streamlined alternative to GeoGuessr, focusing on map-based location identification. It challenges players to demonstrate their familiarity with maps of various countries, including the US, and continents.


At the core of Duckster is the Mapping game, where participants identify countries, states, capital cities, or flags and earn scores based on the accuracy of their answers. Additionally, Duckster offers alternative game options.

One such option is the Crossword Puzzle, featuring puzzles that require filling in answers related to the chosen region. This game mode also offers a printable version suitable for classroom or group use.

Duckster provides several other game options, offering a simple and traditional approach to geography gaming, all available for free as an alternative to GeoGuessr.

Play Duckster

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Is GeoGuessr no longer free?

Yes, GeoGuessr ceased being free in 2019. The shift occurred due to the financial strain of supporting APIs like Maps, which necessitated user payments to cover the expenses.

Can you get GeoGuessr for free?

Although GeoGuessr typically isn’t accessible for free, you can still enjoy the game without charge by participating in challenges. While direct access to the game isn’t available for free, obtaining a challenge link from a subscribed player allows you to play without incurring any costs.

Wrap Up

Playing geography games can be highly captivating, particularly with immersive options like GeoGuessr. However, given that GeoGuessr is a paid game, accessibility might pose a challenge for some.

Fortunately, the compilation of GeoGuessr alternatives discussed in this article allows you to experience similar enjoyment without any cost. The top options I’ll recommend from the alternatives include, WordleDaily, Geotastic, Where Am I, and Zoomtastic.

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