New ATM Malware Can Steal Money From Any European ATM & 60% of ATMs Worldwide

Cybersecurity experts have warned of a new ATM malware family that has been developed to infect Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Europe, with the potential to generate significant profits.

Dubbed “EU ATM Malware”, this malicious software can compromise 99% of devices in Europe and target approximately 60% of ATMs around the world, including machines manufactured by leading vendors, such as Diebold Nixdorf, Hyosung, Oki, Bank of America, NCR, GRG, and Hitachi, claims the developer of this malware, thereby posing a potential security threat to the global banking industry.

Listed for sale on a hacker forum, the malware can generate up to $30,000 per ATM.

It is fully automated, simplifying its deployment and operation. Alternatively, the malware can be operated manually, offering cybercriminals flexibility.

“The developers of this malware claim that it can generate up to $30,000 per ATM, making it a lucrative tool for cybercriminals. The malware is fully automated, simplifying its deployment and operation,” reported the website DailyDarkweb.

Further, the developer is selling the malware with flexible payment options, such as a monthly subscription and an initial fee plus a share of the profits from successful jackpotting operations.

Additionally, it is offering customers a three-day test payload option to verify the malware’s capabilities before purchasing the product.

If the above claims regarding ATM malware are true, it could become a potentially devastating tool for cybercriminals and subsequently have a catastrophic effect on the global banking industry.

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