Mauritania Attacker (leader of Anon Ghost) hacked more than 80000 Facebook account, As a birthday gift For one of the member of Anon Ghost team, M3GAFAB.

Today Mauritania Attacker hacked and leaked 80000 Facebook Account credential containing email required for login and password in md5 encrypted format. as a birthday gift to one of the member and his friend from AnonGhost team, M3GAFAB.

Surely that’s a big gift from one hacker to another hacker on the occasion of his birthday.

Message from Mauritania Attacker to M3GAFAB, Happy birthday bro <3 

The Data was sniffed by the hacker via ,


And can be downloaded from the Online file sharing network zippyshare, here

Passwords can be decrypted with the help of softwares or tools available online to decrypt the md5 key.

We would also like to wish a Very happy Birthday to M3GAFAB, from entire team of techworm.

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